forum Would your character fight Florida (Wo)man
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@sock group

Lucas: Definitely (would probably win)
Zephyr: Definitely (would definitely win)
Jay: Most likely (would definitely win)
Meg: Most likely (would definitely win)
Chan: Most likely (would probably win)
Ren: If provoked (might win)
Himari: If provoked (would probably lose)
Elyas: No, just no (will lose horribly)

@NotSoBeautifulDiseaster group

Sophie: If dared to or if they hurt her loved one. She has a slim chance of winning
Ava: Yes. She'll probably win
Charlie: No. He would be killed (don't worry he can respawn)
Lucas: If bored or provoke. Will probably lose
Jax: When provoke. He would probably trick the Floridian before beating their ass
Matthew: If provoked. He would probably win
Micheal: No fuck no. He could win with the help of machines

@LilMeme group

Asumi: STOP CRIMINAL SCUM (Probably would get his ass beat)
Kage: If provoked (He could win)
Minato: Yes (Yes, this girl is crackhead energy incarnate)
Eri: No (Probably)
Collin: NONONO (He has a chance)
Mikoto: If provoked (Maybe)
Hanaki: If to protect someone (Yeah, He has a chance)
Unzari: If asked to (Maybe will, Maybe not)
Hikari: Yes (Yes)


Naomi: [Rifle stock to face].
CJ: Would try to negotiate. Would probably immediately get treated for every possible risk—up to and including getting rabies shots—if injured when negotiations inevitably broke down.
Brandee: Would sit in her truck, growl "bring it" through a barely-open window, and rev the engine if they got too close. Anyone who actually managed to get close enough to touch the truck would get pepper-sprayed.
Kieron: Only if he was in riot gear. You see: his strategy would be "pick up and hold at arms' length."

@trainwreck404 group

Frog: Absolutely not, this one is running away as fast as possible.
Dick: Maybe? He'd probably just sit and watch Shiloh do it.
Juniper: Fight Florida Man? Y'all. This boy IS Florida Man. (His chaotic nature comes out when he's stressed.)
Shiloh: 100% fighting and she'd definitely win.
Vanessa: She'd be sitting with Dick to watch.
Alex: He joined the fight as a third party and fights both Shiloh and Juniper.

@larcenistarsonist group

Flippers: Hell yes. And she would probably lose and say that she let them win.
Sensei: nah my boys too peaceful for that. He'd probably be carrying Flip away
Lifevest: shed probably severely critique their outfit and call them trash in 80 different ways and walk off
Headlamp: Nah. They'd be like "what the hell is going on? SENSEI WHY ARE THEY YELLING AT MEEEEEE"

Zip: Probably not. If they insulted her friends though she would throw some punches.
Guard: nope. Shed just give them a blank stare and walk off.
Circle: if they attacked her she would retaliate but other than that, no
Beret: nope. She would probably just recite a bunch of random poetry and scare them off

Three: if they deserved it, yes
Four: he is a Florida man so absolutley yes.
Eight: Hell yeah
Ten: no he'd probably just have a panic attack

@NotSoBeautifulDiseaster group

Hasuko: If provoke (Probably, she is a former delinquent)
Colton: No, he'd run away (He would lose, no question asked)
Kelly: Yes, she is a delinquent after all (She could win)
Dawn: She probably get them as a fighter (She could win via tricks)
Tori: Nope (She won't win)
Terry: No, he'll call the cops (He'd get his ass beat)
Aaron: Yes, He lowkey has redneck energy (Will win)
Darrell: No (He could tase them)
Claire: No (Would pull out a gun)
Elijah: If provoked (Yes, He can do soul magic)