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@sheabutter group

Jordan - Streetwear
David - Street academia?? thats probably a thing
Rome - Minimalist

Lybra - aviationcore?? pilot-core?? whatever you would call that. very techy and stuff
Ali - Steampunk/Mechanic

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Glenn - Shakespearecore? Elizabethan-era aesthetic thereabouts
Ash - Regencycore
Nona - Knightcore
Ember - steampunk

@trainwreck404 group

Simon - some strange combination of streetwear and light academia (they're not really sure either)
CJ - jockcore but also steampunk
Logan - light academia-ish
Dean - vintage mixed with punk
Henry - royalcore

Madeline - royalcore/demoncore
Ava - dark academia/angelcore
Peter - punk/steampunk
James - royalcore/dark academia
Xavier - demoncore/punk


Aqi- Hindupunk
Gurr White Paw- dressed cat core
A1- Used appliancepunk
Bishop Kuel- Space Catholic aestethic
Uumi- Naked echinodermcore