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I have a plague dog/isle of dog esque story, but I don't know where to put the characters. Usually, they'd go in characters, but a better way to describe them would be in creatures. Yet, I use creatures for breeds and species of animals, not animal characters, so I'm stumped.
I suppose I could customize character fields to be more animal-based as well, but idk

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Maybe, if you can, put these animal characters in a new universe. This way you can put them wherever and they can still be separate.

I don’t know if this is how you organize your stuff, or if this doesn’t work for you at all, but I hope this helps, or at least inspires, you, even a little.

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Also, I completely forgot to mention. I actually have a ‘scale color’ part in the characters. That could also be something to think about. Stuff like fur/scale color or maybe texture.

Just rambling and throwing ideas out at this point. Don’t mind me.