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  • Chester: Either I'll be dead or fixed, which ever comes first.
  • Lincoln: I don't know if I should dare to hope for a future with Chester, though I do anyway. He is my greatest friend I would wish to keep it that way for as long as possible.
  • Heir: I'd like to have my father killed by that point, he is the king and overseer of Oblivion. I guess that would make me the Crown of Oblivion.
  • Harli: I would sure like to raise Oscar. Ten years is a long time, by that point he'd be a man, I'd have taught him all I know. I'll probably still be here tending to my crops and letting the forest slowing envelope the land around our cottage.
  • Oscar Killer of all evil. Probably. Or at least kill all the guys who hurt Harli and made all his friends stop living. Maybe I'll be a bounty hunter, Yeah!
  • Landers: Ten years! You really think I'll live that long! I hope by then I'll have tried a hamburger. Also, I've always wanted to grow old, getting to at least late twenties sounds amazing! I'm hoping I can grow old with someone, but I haven't really found anyone yet.

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I wrote this question in my quiz !!

  • Colton:
    "Dead, hopefully"
    Where he really is: No he's right, he dies in a car accident 2 years after Memphis' death.

  • Jack:
    Where he really is: He's right too ! He's living with a foster family who he loves very much, and studying engineering ! He volunteers with troubled youth and is a member of the missing children's fountain board.

  • Craig:
    "In a different country, under a new identity"
    Where he really is: Yup ! He moves to the French countryside with his daughter, his daughter's aunt and Jay !

  • Markus:
    "With family"
    Where he really is: He's been through a lot. After the death of his brother, he goes to live with Shane; but after Shane dies; he experiences Dissociative Fugue, and ends up drowning after falling from a breaker wall.

  • Eric:
    "Raining through hell probably"
    Where he really is: Not hell. He's killed in "The Fosters" and goes on to wander limbo. He's stuck between the good and bad.

  • Shane:
    "Working as a nurse"
    Where he really is: He was a nurse for 2 and a half years. He survived the car accident that killed Colton, and 6 months later takes his own life due to the survivors guilt.

  • Memphis:
    "Being rich somewhere, a doctor maybe!"
    Where he really is: He's killed at the end of "Eastside", where he's sent to haunt his childhood room, becoming a child's imaginary friend.

  • Jay:
    "I don't know, probably still starting fires"
    Where he really is: He's studying flowers in France ! He still has a tendency to start fires in the fields behind his cottage, though.

  • Dennis:
    "With Eric!"
    Where he really is: After Eric dies, and he escapes during "The Fosters", he goes on to create his own version of the Eastside Nameless, however, it's now government-funded! He takes in runaways and troubled youth and gives them a place to live and work. He keeps in contact with Jack too!