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Okay, so your characters go on a roadtrip. Woohoo!
What would they do? Are they the driver? The navigator? Do they eat all the snacks? Get pulled over? Have fun with it! :)

For my characters:
Ren: The driver, has to stop every 10 minutes to tell the back to calm down
Elyas: Falls asleep, blocks out the noise with music
Zephyr: Points out any cows or horses, looks out the window
Lucas: Yelling at Chan for his horrible jokes
Himari: Eats snacks because she's bored, only one who laughs at Chan's jokes
Chan: Tells horrible jokes and cackles at everyone's reactions

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After renting a 12 passenger van:

Sparta: Sits in the back with his wings cramped up behind him. He doesn't complain though, cause Michael might kill him.
Willow: Sitting quietly munching on a variety of chocolates that Michael spoiled her with. Loving Phoenix's country playlist
Michael: Threatened everyone so that she could have shotgun and bought Willow a bunch of chocolates with Sparta's cash. Now is enjoying the front seat view while making wierd faces at passing cars. Consistantly yells at Yato to speed up so they can beat other cars in a one-sided race to the next merge.
Phoenix: Took the aux cord and is now playing his country playlist which only Willow is enjoying. Is definatly singing every song that comes up. Is also leaning up against Trap as a cushion.
Felix: Attempting to steal the aux cord from Pheonix every once and a while, but is always caught. After a bit, she takes a nap curled up in a blanket with the AC pointed directly at her, while using Trap as a pillow.
Trap: Has been designated offical pillow for the car trip. Continuously asks when the next rest stop is.
Chicago: Sticking her head out the window making her fur stick up in weird places, like the derpy golden retriever she is. After a bit of that she'll start whining cause she needs out.
Yato: He is definitely driving, since he is the only one eligible to, while yelling at everyone to shut up if they are being louder than the GPS. He also is their personal tour guide. "If you look to your right you can see some trees. And on your left is a- oh wait you can't see it now."


Naomi: Only drives if the vehicle is automatic or has hand brakes (accessibility thing); luckily, this is probably one of Brandee's project vehicles. Is probably navigating if she's not driving; insists that it's because she has the best eyesight.
CJ: Is Safetyman. Insisted on getting way too much first-aid stuff, and insists that whoever is driving pull over and trade off with him if he sees so much as a yawn. (A game of "musical chairs" will ensue as a result of this, unless Naomi is driving. I'll explain later.) Periodically naps given the opportunity, but has instant waking skills.
Brandee: Is probably doing most of the driving; it is probably one of her outrageously huge project vehicles, after all, and she insists that she's the most familiar with the vehicle in question. May scandalize CJ by driving over the speed limit on stretches of open road if she thinks she can get away with it. Probably insists on choosing the music ("my truck, my tunes!") and is probably a prog-metalhead (and definitely has at least one entire thumb drive worth of mp3s). Is one of the two reasons why the driver's seat keeps needing to be adjusted if anyone else has to take over driving.
Kieron: Any playing of "musical chairs" if CJ has to switch off with anyone except Naomi will be this guy's fault, thanks to Brandee getting worried about wear on her suspension due to weight distribution in the vehicle. However: it evens out, because he's also the reason why they're traveling in something spacious. (Naomi and CJ are fairly average-sized; Brandee is ninety pounds soaking wet; Kieron is approximately the size of Brian Shaw at fighting weight, and that is not hyperbole.) Was in charge of road snacks, went kind of buck-wild, and came back with multiple shopping bags' worth; in light of the dent that he then proceeded to make in the supply, the others will never accuse him of splurging again. Is the other reason why the driver's seat keeps needing to be adjusted.

No one can sleep through Brandee's soundtracks without earplugs. That doesn't mean that they don't enjoy it, mind you; it's simply that anyone without earplugs is in for a wakeful trip.

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Isaac: Driver, absolutely done with everyone's shit. What's a map? His intuition will lead him to their destination.
Marco: Passenger seat, doling out snack and juice because he's the mom friend. Constantly making sure everyone has all their stuff.
Asia: Feet are kicked up on the front seat. Has stolen the AUX cord and has been playing Coldplay and AJR for the last hour.
Alec: Trying to convince them to play some podcast. Giving out riddles and fun facts to keep everyone engaged and having fun.
Jolene: Debated with Isaac over the navigator. Passing out baked goods and pointing out farm animals because it's very important
Amara: Asleep

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Natalie: Gripping the steering wheel counting to ten and repeating the words "I'm okay. This is fine."
Mia: Singing. Eating junk food. Gets sugar high then crashes, sleeps on Katrina's shoulder
Austin: Teaching Lily Spanish songs, arguing with Katrina about headcanons.
Katrina: Arguing with Austin, complaining because Mia made her arm fall asleep, playing rock music.
Lilly: Eats cotton candy, makes a mess with her sticky fingers. Gets to excited, starts crying then falls asleep.
Lansing: "Would you shut up I can't even hear myself think."
Jacob: Holding the map, gets them all lost, trying to help Natalie.

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[Eastside steals an entire fucking school bus, they're getting cocky]

Craig: The driver. Blasting ACDC and refuses to change it
Eric: Sitting in the first row at the front, probably trying to figure to why he can't find flappy bird on the app store
Jay: figured out how to open the fire escape, trying to get Markus to climb out of it.
Markus: Crying, he doesn't want to climb the fire escape. He's just trying to play Nintendogs
Memphis: At the back of the bus, simping over Ted Bundy
Shane: Trying to convince Memphis that simping over serial killers is sickening
Colton: Dead asleep in the back, quite possibly passing away
Steven: Vibing to ACDC like a cheap mid-2000s greaser
Wynne: yo why we goin so fUCKIN FAST-