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I got this idea from softieguts and draw a circle aph

Sophie: Using emojis way too much
Ava: Riled up some stans by saying their fave sucks purely for fun
Charlie: Old tweets Elijah brought up
Lucas: Trolling, youtube crimes, horny on main
Jax: Literally eats souls, Saying twitter is shit
Matthew: ppl thought he overrated, probably doxxed someone
Micheal: said FMA was overrated

@NotSoBeautifulDiseaster group

Bonita: Has a problematic fave, horny on main, being a stan, not shutting up about her fave
Valerie: Saying insert fave is shit and so are their fans, being overly abrasive
Insato: Killed a bunch of people (in self-defense), Said your husbando was shit
Gaki: Romanticizing mental illness, being a prick
Alvis: Said Thanos did nothing wrong, promoted MLMs, Is a MLM
Otori: Grooming, Horny on main
Ongi: Lashing out at people, Stalking, Kidnapping
Tsumi: Past tweet, A shit apology vid
Tsuyoi: Being a NLOG


harley: being a conspiracy theorist and a prank video account

hunter: being a callout account and pointing out the flaws of someone with way too many followers. or pretending to be a flat earther

eric: calling a minor a 'dumb bitch' during an argument over the characterization of a fictional character despite being a minor

miya: faking her death

@ElderGodSeeba petsbing bing 🐸

Leopold: Call a kid with cancer "Humpty Dumpty." Try to defend himself with his own cancer, didn't work, still hella mean.

Myer: disrupting the peace

Fraser: ratio'd at the wrong time :(

Dakota: Called two men kissing "sus"

Brook: Being accused of cultural appropriation because his skin is a bit darker than the average white guy

Benji: called a 12-year-olds skateboard trick "some noob shit"

Robin: Blocked his brother

Rocky: Got blocked by his brother

Stephen: doesn't know how Twitter works, accidently retweeted something ableist

Herbert: Kpop Stan

Jude: Defended his problematic fav

Gordon: may have said something mildly racist

Chester: horny on main

Ike: said a slur

Willbur: made fun of blind people

Collyn: try to scam kids again

@NotSoBeautifulDiseaster group

Hasuko: Wouldn't be on Twitter, to begin with
Colton: Some shit he did in the 80s
Kelly: Vandalism, Been seen as a NLOG
Dawn: Made fun of people, Ate honey on a cheeseburger
Emma: Used a Jeffre Star palette in 2020, Didn't disclose an advert
Terry: Performative activism, literally outed his own stepsister
Tori: Some ppl think she's fake woke
Aaron: Uses straight tiktok unironically, Made edgy jokes, Is a dickhead
Darrell: Ignoring his problematic friend problematicness
Claire: Defending her brother's action
Elijah: Bullying, Bringing up old shit, Cheating, Being a hypocrite, Summoning a ghost of his brother
Hunter: He's dead

@NotSoBeautifulDiseaster group

Amerly: Simping, Called bettas fish lazy
Cein: Spread Misinformation
Briar: Dickhead on Main
Flonnel: Being nosy
Noelle: Being a prick, Stealing people's stuff
Blevin: Scamming
Camille: Tried to kill her family, has a live laugh love poster
Lucien: Child Neglect, Said something problematic