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hehe I love these

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Fraser: "I like being alone but lately I've been lonely and it hurts."
Jude: "The world is big, and we are not, but we're still enough."
Gorden: "I may look grumpy, but I'm happy to be alive."
Herbert: "Please don't forget me and all the things we did."
Leopold: "I am becoming very hard on the outside, and even softer on the inside. I have to get through this. All of this and my own life, too."
Myer: "Bruised Body. Broken Soul."
Collyn: "because fuck you that's why."
Willbur: "I aim to be a lion heart, but my hands still shake and my voice isn't quite loud enough."
Brook: "I'm going to hell anyway"
Robin: "Showing emotion doesn't make you a weak person."
Rocky: "I shouldn't have said that."
Dakota: "I'll survive. Somehow I always do"
Benji: "Forgive yourself to progress yourself."
Ike: "Fuck an apology, I'm not sorry for anything."
Chester: "Golden child, Lion boy; Tell me what it's like to conquer."
Stephen: "You are not your father"
Etsuko: "Time heals nothing, it just replaces old memories."
Osana: "It's kinda like she wants to take care of everyone, but nobody wants to take care of her."
Shohei: "Just you try to fucking stop me."
Tsuga: "Please know I'm trying"
Kiyoshi: "You wanna fight. I'll bring a war."
Feste: "ThE wAY yoU hELd me MAdE Me FEeL LIkE DiRT"
Dion: "The dog who is so angry he cannot move. He cannot eat. He cannot sleep."
Loyalty: "I am comfortable with violence."
Ambition: "I know what I want and I'm going to get it."
Generosity: "A pretty face doesn't mean a pretty heart"
Humor: "God is watching so give him a good show."
Innocence: "And if he puts his hands on you, Cut them off."
Faith: "Those who suffer, survive."
Empathy: "I don't want this to end. Not now. Not ever"
Noel: "Dying is easy, young man."
Malcolm: "I do very bad things, and I do them very well."

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Vozreal: "Let's have some fun, shall we?"
Allison: "Here for a good time, not a long time."
Azrael: "You can't kill me, there'll be paperwork!"
Rachel: "Animals don't kill each other with clever machines, angel. only humans do that."

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Austin: "Get out of my face or I'll bite your nose off."
Mel: "Go the fuck to bed, don't make me drive over there in the middle of the night."
Jarrod: "I need to finish bills and paperwork, please leave me alone for the next hour."

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Ok so I got these:
Zet: I'm scared, but I'm also stupid and wasn't taught to run away.
Tia: I won't give up my morals for people like you.
Laelhan: I'm too pissed and stubborn to die.
Iure: I'm not a soldier, I'm a figther, wish I had realized that earlier…
Ainan: I care too much for some people and I'm not sure if I want them to know that…
Brieche: Believe it or not I got reasons to keep myself alive…
Mishenka: I may be a mercenary, but I got standards.
Sarso: There are lines not even I would cross…
Rakija: Can't change my past but I can hide it under a couple of drinks and a new identity.
Aru: People who think they rule the universe often have their asses kicked by it.

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The immortals:
The Dust: "Don't be so upset—life is nothing more than a festival of children's games and harmless temptations."
Ennienwin: "Life is dark indeed if we don't love each other."
Urth: "Life needs no 'purpose', it is valuable enough by itself."
'A: "Life always fails eventually, but that's alright—death is its protector, not its enemy."
Nattra: "Life is infested with disorder and illusions and messy half-truths, but still I fight against them."
The mortals (some of them anyway):
Destroy: "I don't care about anything anymore except keeping my family safe."
Scream: "My happiness revolves around a giant, grumpy idiot and two tiny devils pretending to be my children."
Crash: My dad says that strong people never help each other, but I think we're stronger together."
Kineta: "Look, man, I've come a long way and I've found some great friends, and I am not letting anyone take them away from me."
Melanie: "I guess my fatal mistake was putting my heart in the hands of people who couldn't even remember my name."
Mike: "I used to not care about anything….but now I want to build something that outlasts me, something that's good for everyone."
Boar-back: "I have never tried to be a good man. Seems like I deserve it if everyone I start to love ends up leaving."
Brandon: "I wasted every chance I got, and now I'm too old to do anything except drag you screwheads down with me."
Ango: "I want to be a hero, just like in the books. I want to save the world and be cool and strong!"
Travis: "Let me tell you a little secret: people are stupid and weak and want to be controlled, and after you kill a few of them, the buzz starts to feel pretty good."
Vinyan: "I like to take my life so far as a lesson. A painful, stupid lesson that cost me almost everything and was too oddly specific to help anybody but me."


Chester: "I'd rather die at this point"
Lincoln: "It was never personal, I only wanted to change the world"
Harli: "…"
Oscar: "I'm eleven so shut the f**k up"
Landers: "Can I try hamburgers, I fought off all those guys for you."
The Prince: "Ew, get your living flesh away from me!"


Bramble: I have zero idea of what’s going on right now, but I’ll roll with it anyways.
Sky: Books transport me to other worlds, stories, adventures I couldn’t even dream of having, and that’s why I read them.
Mara: I’m healer, I heal you, if you think I’m not being kind or gentle then get out and let me do my job, because that’s not it!!
Ivy: I give zero f**cks, unless one of you is about to die, I refuse to let that happen.

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Jay: A man with so much rage, pain, sadness, guilt, and yearning for death you wouldn't believe that he could hide it behind eyes that were so kind it made those who only ever knew pain know love with one glance, a smile so bright even night came late so he could smile a little longer, and a voice so smooth, deep, and soft it alone made angry men were calm down, women would imgen him saying sweet nothings in their ears, and children would fall asleep to it but in the end he was selfish for the only tow things he wanted were to either be love even for his past and his true self which was a monster in name only but he was on or to just die as heaven forsake him and hell was too full.
Gianna: We can call ourselves adults and refined being but in the end, we're all savages who are more than willing to sell each other out the moment a little instability happens in our life or a chance for power appears in front of us no matter the cost nor pain, and sometimes we're willing to even give up thing that don't belong to us
Adam: If you can belive in a stupid books and stories older then some countries is enough to make you worship gods you've even seen then why is it so hard to belive in me?
Marshel: I wish my temple was private so that could walk around naked to let the wind hit my nuts or just air dry myself after a shower.

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Em: "Careful, she's adorable and super nice, but if you scare her, she will bite your nose off."
Joseph: "Here come the test results: You are a horrible person."

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Bailey: "I thought being lesbian meant you have to cut your hair extra short and wear baggy clothes, but I do that and I'm not lesbian."
Valorie: "NO, THAT'S WRONG!" (anybody get the reference? UwU-)
Koyanagi: "I'm not coming out- I don't like spooky. -cries-"
Aiden: "I'm sad but I'm also mad- I'm smad."
Suzuki: "If I hide under this moving car I'll be safe, right?"
Connor: "I want the lights on- Actually no, I want them off- God, I need one of the lamps that you clap twice to turn on.
Yuki: "Time is candy, and candy is diabetes."

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Aster: "Gods, why does the world hate me?"
Sain: "Hey guys, I'm like Toph's long lost sister!" looking the wrong way
Sora: "I swear, living is more trouble than it's worth."
Star/Luné: arguing "There's no way one sentence can- Absolute disasters- That's false- It absolutely is not." depending on the day, it could be either one saying those things


Bubbles and Bubba: “I might be nice and energetic but I will stab you.” Smiles and runs off to play
Kanna: “Technically I can be any age I want but I prefer being a baby.” Turns back into a baby and gets picked up by Aaliyah
Aaliyah(Me):”Where are my kids and my food?” Panicked but not showing it
Tiny Satan and Luci: “ I am here to serve you.” Bows
Kate and Kyle: “S-sorry I know I can be c-clingy.” Looking down while crying


Silver: "Sadly, I cannot punch the asshole out of Mr Winston, nor can I get his son and his girlfriend to smarten up."
Miela: "I helped 3 people today, but there are more than 7 billion people in existence and I can't help them all so, therefore, I've failed."

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Destrian: Both were accompanied by a gesture that utilized his middle finger specifically. after his life was threatened
Sadon: "I'm just thinking."
Aryn: “No, to sit down and have a nice little chat over tea and biscuits–YES TO ATTACK YOU!”
Peter: “Be quiet, kessa, before I regret coming back." after he almost died and met God herself
Ekhös: “Now come inside, before you both drop dead. You look absolutely horrid.”
Tauni: "Look, you have one chance here, okay? You either listen to me or you die." literally right before a battle


Naomi: Bi disaster disabled veteran; sorta-kinda coping mechanism.
CJ: Benevolent troll who really, really wants to put the past behind him.
Brandee: Tiny, irascible supreme mechanic and stunt driver.
Kieron: Gentle giant in way over his head, poor boy.
The antagonist: Manipulative life coach with warlock aspirations; what an asshole.

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Frog: I mean, their name's Frog; that kinda sums them up already.
Dick: Roman Sanders with 200% more theatre kid and an extra handful of b!tchiness.
Juniper: Logan Sanders but also Remus Sanders (he's fun)
Shiloh: Somehow both intensely sleep-deprived and extremely energetic.
Vanessa: Evil…but pretty…but evil.
Alex: This man wasn't supposed to exist; I just forgot straight girls were a thing and I needed to make the magic make sense.