forum What Retail/Fast Food Store would your Character Work at?
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Mwah love you notebook discord.
(I'll do a more detailed post later im running on 0% brain power)

Memphis: Starbucks for sure. He just gives me coffee shop vibes, love that for him.

Colton: A gas station/auto shop. He feels like a 60s greaser tbh.

Shane: Dymocks. Legally I'm not allowed in there (its a long story) but I think he'd enjoy working at a book store.

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Cyrus: Joann Fabrics or the local library (he's so bad at interacting w/ customers and working in loud places)
Dité: at a roller rink or a local gas station
Maleficent: the local library or maybe a tiny cafe/coffee shop (she is not good with customers)


Aideen: literally anything with food
amy (the most wonderful woman in the world): McDonald's
Unknown: Illegal in every store that exists