forum What is something that would never change about your character no matter how much development they go through?
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would never be okay with some of his body parts no matter what happened, he'd never be able to use them without traumatizing himself. He's despised them his whole life, been treated different by doctors and his housemates, (he doesn't have friends) he's had to go to the hospital numerous times to get these parts checked, to make sure they are still, healthy. He can't get them remove for a while, for no other reason that Chester knows of than that they don't think it's urgent enough. Which it is. he wakes up feeling sick because of the parts, he wants to stop existing because of them, he's afraid if he were to make a friend and the friend found out about his parts they would either treat different or hate him or see him as nothing but those parts on him. In the social groups he's in he's already branded as one of the kid with those things. He can't live with that sh*t. He spends all day in his room trying to think of anything but. Accepting that would change who he is, the very essence of his being.

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Fern will never be able to show people her scars, she's scared of them and what they represent. Christi on the other hand will never stop bragging about her scars, they're a part of her and she wants the world to know exactly how cool she had to be to get them.

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Colby will never not be an alcoholic. Since she is the reincarnation of Azyla, the god of fire, who was a heavy drinker, it is in her nature. Her friends like to joke about how she's 60% alchohol instead of water.

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Mike will never be someone who easily or loudly expresses his emotions. Over time he learns from his friends how to laugh and smile more, maybe even admit weakness and cry sometimes, but even then he's always quiet about it. The idea of spending his energy on feelings rather than work is strange to him, and it's not like he's suppressing his emotions—he just doesn't feel things as strongly as most. Okay Mike, I'm pretty sure SOME of your emotions are suppressed, but let's not bicker.
Bernon will always hate being alone for too long, specifically during the cold seasons, due to some bad experiences he had more than once in those conditions. He only feels better with a friend or loved one there by is side, and eventually he falls in love with someone that makes him feel like the problem's solved because he feels so happy around her, even in the wintertime. However, his fears are still there, buried deep. They're just warded off, and he'll always struggle with them at least somewhat. Because basically he has undiagnosed seasonal depression combined with abandonment issues, and that wouldn't go away without proper therapy, which he'll never receive because it's the apocalypse.
Luke will probably always keep his childhood trauma a secret from Nina, even though she's the one person everyone expects him to tell. For one thing, he doesn't like remembering it, and for another, he knows it would upset her a great deal, and he doesn't want that burden to be on her as well. In a sense, he is sheltering her, but he knows she wouldn't rest until she'd somehow 'fixed' things, and in this case there's nothing she could do.
Nina will always give people the benefit of the doubt, and her default mode is to trust. It's hard-wired into her at this point, and even when it gets her into trouble, she still can't quite shake the habit. At the end of the day, it's won her far more friends than enemies.

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Danica I would never change that she's assertive, outspoken, and still caring. She's gone through years of development and these traits have almost always stayed true (there was a phase where I made her a softer person ad i hated it)
Garret that he's dorky and soft. there's no reason in particular; i just wouldn't like it
Dominick that he's, excuse my language, an absolute piece of shit. He's kind of redeemable i guess, but he's a manipulative liar who kind of forces his sister to depend on him without her even realizing it, and (though he doesn't mean to) kind of setting her up for failure when she has to live without him. [don't get me wrong though he might be my absolute favorite character]


Naomi: Is a disabled veteran, has raging PTSD, is a bi disaster, and can wreck a threat's day from a mile off.
Kieron: Is very tall, has considerable upholstery over all of that muscle, and is an absolute darlin'.

(This is not an exhaustive list.)

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would never give up his headstrong ways. Even transitioning from closeted and taking his anger out on people who accepted themselves for who the are, to accepting who he is and working towards bettering himself, he'll still aways have the prejudice towards people who are open and comfortably with themselves. He hates pride parades and watching homosexuals be accepted and comforted by people that are close to them, because that's not ever something he had growing up. His friends control him, held him back and remind him that now he has all those things, and that it's okay to be attracted to someone of the same sex. But no matter how comfortable he'll become with who he is, a part of him will still hate people who are openly gay.

would never give up his determination. He's in the worst situation possible, so what the point of giving in now if things cant get any worse? He was told his Chemotherapy wasn't working and that he was terminal, and that broke him. But after all that had past, he had the epiphany that now he no longer has to fight to live. No longer does he have to hold on to the hope of a better future. Now, all he can do is suck it up and push forward, enjoying things while he still can. He's determined to do everything he can to better his friends future that he won't be apart of. He's determined to help anyone and everyone he can overcome their problems that they can actually over come. He's said it before and he'll say it again: "Even when I lose my battle, everyone else will still be fighting theirs. So now all I can do is help them fight what they think they can do alone. And when I'm gone, I want them to smile. I want them to remember me as a friend who helped them learn how to carry themselves and battle their own wars. If I die knowing I helped at least one person, then I'll die happier then I've ever been."

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kacey will always be a determined and headstrong individual. no matter what happens in her life, she will never lose hope and she is NEVER the type to give up.
nabila will always speak her mind. something i would never change about her is her bluntness and tendency to be rude. she does understand that her words hurt, but that won't stop her.
karuko will always try to make light of a situation and maintain a sense of humour. she's happy when other people are happy, and in her words: "i exist to make other people laugh, it's what i do."