forum What do each of your characters do when the get bored?
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Exactly as the prompt states—

Chris; She’ll go off and read a book
Reo; He’ll just go take a nap
Andi; He goes and sits in a corner pondering his life’s decisions
Oliver; Does AbSoLuTlY nothing about it and goes along wth his day
Feyre; Does science-y stuff

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Eric: He reads weeks-old newspapers and thinks he's reading about current events. Gets offended anytime someone tries to tell him that earthquake in Kenya he thinks happened yesterday was actually 3 months ago.
Craig: Plays Basketball with a homemade hoop (just a bucket he cut a hole in). Sometimes if he's feeling extra adventurous he sits on his bed and thinks about his life decisions.
Jay: Sets other people's belongings on fire, just to see what happens (they burn. every time). His favourite hobbies are theft and arson, sometimes both at the same time.
Colton: Goes down to the port, smokes a few cigarettes and watches the fishing boats. Extra points if the fishing dogs are out that day, they're his favourite.
Shane: Study. He doesn't like to have downtime, he always wants to be busy. Reads through medical articles online while a BBC documentary plays on the TV.
Memphis: He loves to explore. Will go walking through the woods for fun, enjoys climbing trees and sitting by creeks. Probably has a knack for bird-watching too.
Jack: He usually spends his free-time sleeping. He finds it easier to sleep during the day than at night, so he takes naps wherever he can. Also has recently taken up pulling electronics apart and trying to piece them back together.
Dennis: Pretend to fight. His favourite pastime is to run around outside with a knife and wave it around with no regard for his or anyone else's safety. Sometimes pretends he's Eric (</3)
Markus: He loves to read, anything and everything, since he was little. Will tear through a dictionary in 3 hours and then immediately pick up a magazine, no breaks. This not only makes him the most knowledgeable on the most insignificant topics but also celebrity gossip.


Hector: Read, its all he knows how to do.
Kenzo: Cook or stalk/bother hector
SIlvia: I have no idea but maybe scare Hector by like you know breaking into his house and calling him 100 times