forum what artist is your character playing when you hand them the aux?
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i wanted to ask because music taste says a lot about a person, and i think it's a fun thing to think about with your ocs :] here's mine (some of them have HORRIBLE music taste BAHAHAHA):

titus - insane clown posse, will wood & the tapeworms, system of a down

cyrille - they might be giants, ok go, jon bellion

wade (he's insufferable) - weezer, u2, ludo

annie - mxmtoon, one direction, minimall

manta - they wouldn't play music, they'd play calming theta waves.

skelley - the dresden dolls, junie & thehutfriends, bear ghost

ian - lincoln, cavetown, penelope scott

tex - poor man's poison, amigo the devil, black dog friday

rooney - he doesn't listen to music… ian, odessa, and wade are gonna try to push their music tastes onto him.

odessa - my chemical romance, the used, paramore

benny - imagine dragons, set it off, ajr

salem - tally hall, jack stauber, jukebox the ghost

@ElderGodSeeba petsbing bing 🐸

(I spy a south park pfp 👁️👁️ Kevin Stoley my beloved)

Eric: the news. He just puts the news on.
Colton: Artic Monkeys, maybe The Neighbourhood if he's feeling extra moody
Markus: classical music. He's not a huge fan of rock music for personal reasons and Beethoven was as far away from it as he could get.
Memphis: One direction. He loves niall horen more than he loves himself
Dennis: Whatevers on the radio really.
Jack: does not listen to music.
Shane: gives me BIG mother mother vibes. Listens to verbatim on repeat
Jay: tally hall, his favourite song is the bidding
Craig: ACDC, it was his dads favourite band growing up so it's imprinted on him

@trainwreck404 group

(hi hello so sorry but i got way too invested)

Simon: they might be giants, bo burnham, ricky montgomery, paramore, mother mother
Sarah: cyndi lauper, kelly clarkson, dolly parton
Marie-Kate: beach bunny, olivia rodrigo, taylor swift
Chloe: alanis morissette, all-american rejects, penelope scott
CJ: lovejoy/wilbur soot, set it off, old dominion, twenty one pilots
Asia: dodie, addison grace, mxmtoon
Logan: left at london, cavetown, teddy hyde, bears in trees
Jack: gym class heroes, imagine dragons, the police
Lucas: fleetwood mac, queen, king crimson
Adam: dayglow, glass animals, gorillaz, cage the elephant
Noah: drake, russ, paul anka, ajr
Dean: led zeppelin, journey, joan jett & the blackhearts, green day, my chemical romance, kansas
Henry: peach pit, declan mckenna, elton john, abba, conan gray

Madeline: lana del rey, queen, billie eilish, dua lipa
Samantha: roar, ac/dc, marina
Payton: blondie, sir chloe, melanie martinez
Julianna: the mamas & the papas, the chordettes, lesley gore, mika
Ava: metallic, halsey, mitski, hozier, marina, mötley crüe
Faith: tally hall, radiohead, cavetown
Becky: girl in red, paramore, bo burnham, weathers
Peter: bon jovi, waterparks, falling in reverse, idkhow
James: onerepublic, fall out boy, franz ferdinand, all time low
Xavier: miracle musical, creature feature, blake robinson synthetic orchestra, will wood
Jason: cosmo sheldrake, oingo boingo, lemon demon
Malcolm: pierce the veil, jhariah, rio romeo, autoheart
Marcus: michael bublé, frank sinatra, cage the elephant

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(They all have shitty music taste leave them alone lmfao)

Nikita: Mamamoo, TWICE, Momoland. Basically any kpop girl group that really wants to make you bust a move
Ryan: Lyric-less synthwave style music. Can and will listen to the Thor: Ragnarok soundtrack for 5 hours straight (me fr)
T.J: [2000s pop music] Rihanna, YEAH YEAH YEAH, Estelle, Gwen Stefani, Selena Gomez (guilty pleasure LEAVE HIM ALONE)
Ranya: Blondie, MARINA, Joan Jett, MIA (her music is all over the place lol)
Eyrie: ASMR gun sounds to sleep and relax to

(very ashamed that i have such few characters guys i swear i'll add more lol)

@spacebluelily language

Coral: Selena, ABBA, Queen, Shakira, Juan Gabriel, MARINA, Vicente Fernandéz, Magento, Jenni Rivera, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Béyonce, Gorillaz, Gwen Stefani, MGMT

Stephanie: Melanie Martinez, Adele, Labrinth, Sia, AJR, Elton John, P!NK, Indila, Doja Cat

Irene: AC/DC, Surf Curse, Bee Gees, Blondie, KISS, Paramore, Kate Bush, Europe

Azula: Vengaboys, Lizzo, Imagine Dragons, Panic! At The Disco, Lana Del Rey, Jay-Z

@tazu group

andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer): whatever's on the radio, but has a preference for radiohead.
Canarie: selena, julieta venegas, juan gabriel, queen, adele, tears for fears (she mostly listens to 80s music)
Rin: taylor swift, her's, britney spears, marina and the diamonds, beyonce, katy perry, carly rae jepsen, she's pretty much an early 2000's girl
Iris: slipknot, ICP, set it off, gorillaz, fall out boy
Jackie: adele, beyonce, rihanna, lady gaga, shakira
Leo: just being silent and listening to nature is music to him
Birdy: Doesn't listen to music, thinks it's a distraction
Benny: P!ATD, jay-z, and unironically, weezer and nickelback

@aekv group

i'm do ya one better (aka i have one (1) playlist written down so i'm including entire albums to compensate)

Aphrodite "Dité" Ferris (story takes place in the 90s):


  • cheshire cat
  • dude ranch
  • enema of the state

green day:

  • 39/smooth
  • kerplunk
  • dookie
  • nimrod


  • pablo honey
  • the bends
  • ok computer


  • blue
  • pinkerton

the cramps:

  • stay sick!
  • look mom, no head!


  • the slim shady

@Serenity88 group

Quinn would play Starset (I love them so very very much) and surprise everyone with an astoundingly phenomenal voice that he's hidden from everyone.
Jasmine would play Evanescence, P!nk, Adele, The Chainsmokers.
Cayde would jam to some Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, The Chainsmokers, Linkin Park.
Amalya would pass it to someone else.

@another_Sarcastic_writer group

Savannah: Hasley, Panic!At the Disco, Neoni
Paris: Chainsmokers, NYSNC, etc.
Jamie: League of Legends, Chainsmokers
Sammy: "I was born in the wrong generation" Back street boys, NYSNC, etc.

Carlos: Imagine Dragons, Fallout Boy, AJR
Carmen: Olivia Rodrigo, Doja Cat
Amarya: Twenty One Pilots, Usher, AJR
Lenna: Fifth Harmony, Little Mix
Ash: Nikki Minaj, DJ Khalid, Set it Off
Navin: some indie rock group that no one has heard of

(ngl this is mostly what I listen to…sorry for self projecting)

@Luvuboo_xoxo group

Characters that would be allowed to have the aux cord
Jordan: Cardi B, Megan the Stallion
Neveah: Beyonce
Caroline: Doja Cat, Drake
Xavier: Tyler, the Creator
Sophia: Nicki Minaji, Ice Spice just for the hell of it
Character who can are banned to have the aux cord
Seth: The Neighbourhood (Other characters do not think this is car music, too depressing)
Characters who don't know the concept of music