forum What are your characters values, ambitions, and story goals?
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Value: The things that your character holds most strongly to be true.
Ambition: The one abstract thing that your character wants in life.
Story goal: The one concrete thing your character thinks will enable them to achieve their ambition.

You can and should add these things to your character's profile.

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Charlotte Jones (Pyros)
Value: Family bond, Confidence, Loyalty
Ambition: Her 'Normal' life back, before the housefire and loss of father and sister
Story Goal: Getting rid of her Charm and there for her powers. Which, fun fact, are FIRE. So you can imagine how a burn victim feels about that :(

Value: Family bond, her friendships with the team, Loyalty
Ambition: To not only love her power, but herself
Story Goal: To learn to control said power (haha and also escape the fact that they're kidnapped ._.)

Value: Family bond, self worth(?), her team
Ambition: To save King and bring the royal family back together
Story Goal: To encourage her team through their healing and her own from their time in OR Headquarters.

Also that's a good idea to put those on the profiles, probably need to!