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Welcome to the ARENA!!!!
–How it works–
This Tournament has a Bracket that I will tell you about and will keep you updated about. It's a Double Elimination as well, So if you get eliminated then you will still have one more chance to win. There are 50 Characters allowed in this tournament.

Post a character(If you want to do a character that you didn't make. That's fine) and if someone else posts a character. Then Those characters will "fight". I will be looking at everything about that character and items that the character has. Then I will plan out a fight. All Weapons are allowed

–Things That Are Not Allowed–

  1. Immortal unless it's more that they can't die from old but they can die if they are killed

  2. Anything that can heal them. What I mean about that is No healing potions or having a Deadpool Healing Factor but If you hurt in a way like Drinking blood or something. I will allow it

  3. No Character will be Invincible

  4. Any poisons or curses will not kill someone when they make a contract with them. What I mean by this is that they will slowly die. They will not die right away

  5. No Powers that can put up a force field longer than 30 seconds

Just remember to read the rules and Post a character. Any Character is allowed as long as it follows that rules. If your character is found having any of these things in the tournament then I will make it where your character doesn't have that item or thing they have. So, What I mean is that all characters can die. If I find anything that I think shouldn't be allowed that I didn't put on the list. I will do the same thing and message you in your DMs about it.

That is all, Send me your characters

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yeah i just went for josuke cuz he has the healing ability but can't really heal himself so yeh
also yeah, tbh if i hadn't gone with josuke i might have gone with joseph (or jotaro, idk)

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I have a character I'd like to enter, but I don't have a page for him yet. Would you like me to make one, or is a summary of his powers/gear good enough?

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Alrighty, I'll work on that sometime soon and check back!