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I got Nitis- lmao, he seems like a person I'd date. IF I wasn't dating someone already, that is.


I got Lasta (sadly, can relate to an unconfortable extent), but lemme tell ya, I NEVER saw the concept of indigenous futurisim before, I am AMAZED by the Idea and ENRAGED that I never thought of that before!
Sounds so interesting, I'd love to hear more about you story, or the setting it's in!

I lowkey wanna see the character designs, which indigenous tribes/people did you base it off?
I'm asking because due to my country's (in South America) story and my own heritage, my idea of indigenous people is of an entirely different aesthetic than North American indigenous people, like Navajos, the sort of "standard setting" when most people imagine this etnicity. Also, no, I'm not talking about Incas either. That's why I'm curious lol

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@Wykie Oh, well it's mostly based in Mesoamerica and the Caribbean Basin actually! I'm from the Caribbean, so my knowledge of native people is also Latin American based. For the tribes and peoples of my characters, Balam(Xi'ipal) is Yucatec Maya, Amoxtli and Coyotl are Nahuatl/Mexica, Lasta is Tawantinsuyu Quechua (Inca), Tiburo is Yamaye Taino and Nitis is Kinya Ndee/Inde Apache