forum tell me a few things about yourself and i'll pair you with one of my characters
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i've been taking part in a few of these and thought they were super cool, so here's one of my own!
you can share whatever info you see fit, as long as it has general basics like your name, your personality, and things like that
so uh… yeah! go nuts, ya'll!

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congrats on top spot
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i pair you with Killian Firaso! he's normally very uptight but when he lets loose he really lets loose. he's a simple man with few inspirations, but he also ends out on top. he takes in life with careful stride, though he tends to forget his place in the natural order and tries to go overboard at times (hence his current renewed-villian arc). he's been an average kid since birth, thus making him want to stand out more, whether it be through his looks or his personality. he'll do anything to get onto his throne, even if it means committing a few felonies along the way. he seeks to change the way the world views him, not vice versa. he tends to shut himself down in front of people he shows no care or sympathy towards, but opens himself up when he meets a familiar face.

this was a bit simple, but i hope it worked out either way! i've done better pairings than this i swear-

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Thank you! First of all, I love his name! It doesn't sound like any others I've seen. His vibe really suits me, and I think that in another timeline I could be exactly like him ^-^