forum Steal a Character from the person above!
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@Kind-of-Sleepy language

You know those games on pet sites where you steal a pet from the person above you? Well I thought it would be interesting to steal characters instead.


  1. Be Nice: This is just for fun, so don't say anything mean.
  2. Please don't post if you only have one character: The fun of this is in the choice and there isn't a choice if you only have one character.
  3. Have fun!

Since there is no one above me, I have nothing to steal.


Naomi (warning: shell-shocked bi disaster).

CJ (warning: incorrigible troll, albeit good-natured one).

Brandee (warning: tinkers with things).

Kieron (warning: eats a lot and will stress-test your furniture and/or lift it).

Talula (warning: recovering Mike Sierra).