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Uhh gonna put a spoiler cause it's a bit ya know
(Tw // murder, s*xual assault)

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Disclaimer: My law knowledge mostly comes from watching courtroom dramas by David E. Kelley.

So I think it generally depends on how sympathetic to the judge or prosecutor (or jury) the defendant is. Some crimes are serious enough for a minor to be tried as an adult, other times even the prosecution will deem even a lenient sentence appropriate for a minor and then go with sealing the record of it, sometimes the jury can even unanimously vote not guilty even when the facts of the case presented are obviously guilty but the jury doesn't believe it should be a crime (jury nullification) especially if it's not a serial killing of strangers so the defendant doesn't make a habit of murder…sometimes an insanity plea is an option, if it's proven that the defendant was unstable enough from the trauma that a stay at an asylum is better for society than a correctional facility…

…and sometimes the defense attorney will drag their feet, the prosecution hates the kid, the judge is prejudiced, the jury is unsympathetic, and the media coverage skews towards a more saleable angle that uses the defendant's full birth certificate name and ensures that the rest of their life is ruined for the sake of reporting a thrilling and chilling scandal.