forum Someone draw an OC of mine? Terrible artist here XD

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Her name's Jackie (my username isn't my real name, I didn't just name her after myself). She's got almond-shaped eyes, one of them is dark green with gold flecks, one is dark brown. Her hair's dark brown too, and it's got different sections of different lengths, so it's super uneven. Her nose is a little on the smaller side but well centered, and she's got a few freckles. She's pale, but not quite pasty, and average height, and pretty thin. Her eyebrows are super sharp and a little on the thicker side. Her chin/jawline is also super sharp, and she's got normal eyelashes. Usually wears a green and black flannel shirt and dark blue jeans, black tennis shoes, and a thick navy blue parka. The most commonly worn facial expression is a glare. Arms crossed. Nobody has to do this, no pressure, I'm just a crappy artist lol

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Any celebrity faceclaims? Like would her bone structure be closer to Jenna-Louise Coleman's or to Labyrinth-era Jennifer Connelly's?