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Basically, if your characters were in a group chat, what kind of texter would they be? What would they talk about in general? You can add on more information if you want or post incorrect group chat messages (don't really know what to call that) Have fun with it :)

Here are mine:
D&R Protagonists
Ren: Tries to curb Chan's weird sending sprees but is rarely successful, perfect grammar complete with punctuation
Chan: Sends very random stuff at weird hours, usually in the early ams, gets kicked out by Lucas all the time, bad grammar
Lucas: Mutes the chat and forgets about it for a week, has over a thousand unread messages, swears a lot, randomly sends pictures of his cat
Zephyr: The silent reader, doesn't really respond, leaves everyone on read but will send something if she feels like it, messages usually consist of 'cool' or 'oof'
Himari: Sends a lot of cute pictures and cartoon gifs, might be seen as spamming, awkward grammar, trying her best
Elyas: Hasn't figured out technology yet, tries his best, is very grateful that autocorrect exists, mostly sends stuff in Chinese
D&R Antagonists
Jay: Sends relatively short and to-the-point messages, doesn't really use emojis, sends random selfies
Meg: Lots of exclamation marks, secretly saves Jay's selfies, asks advice on what kind of knife she should buy

Solis (Phones don't exist here, so this is hypothetical :))
Heli: Lots of emojis, very enthusiastic, replies immediately, sometimes types paragraphs in all-caps
Laetus: Very short responses consisting of 'oof', 'cool', 'lol', 'lmao', etc, talks about the random dog he sees during his walk
Lupus: Refuses to get a phone, no one can convince him
Pira: Spams with selfies (both good and weird ones), also spams with emojis, gets kicked out by Mito
Mito: Sends recordings of his newest pieces, sends emojis as responses instead of words, little patience with Pira
Prince: Struggles with technology, writes complete sentences, responds after about 5-10 minutes, learning how to use emojis

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oh geez i love these, but my current wip doesn't have any yet, so i'll post some from my other ocs! (also i forget if i'm allowed to curse on these forums or if thats just nano so…i'll censor just in case)

Doppels Villains
Madeline: settle down or i’ll take your phone
Peter has left the chat
Madeline: he’s more of an annoying teenager than a boytoy, honestly
Luci: tighten his leash
Luci: or I can always borrow him for an evening
Ava: keep it pg there’s a child in the chat
George: who’s the child
Julianna has left the chat
George: nevermind

Doppels: Next Gen (Villain Kids)
Nyron: who wants to go commit arson
Charlotte: i almost said don't do that and then i remembered
Charlotte: we're the bad guys
Maleia: ehhhh
Maleia: sort of?
Maleia: we're more that weird gray area where we are committing arson and other cool crimes but also like against murder and stuff
Maleia: i don't even know anymore
Everett: ain't that a mood

@larcenistarsonist group

Flippers: All caps. No punctuation or grammar. 90% of the words are misspelled. Lots of memes at 4AM and sketchy videos that make you question her sanity. No emojis. Every other link from her is a Rick Roll.
Sensei: Usually proper grammar but no punctuation. Words are always spelled right and is the one to usually keep Flippers in check and tell her to go to bed. Emojis sometimes.
Lifevest: Perfect grammar and punctuation. The one to always correct grammar. Only the simple :) emoji.
Headlamp: Semi-decent grammar and no punctuation. Uses the "cool guy" emoji way too much. Wholesome gifs.

Zip: Decent grammar, short texts to the point. Never uses emojis. Usually leaves stuff on read unless it's important.
Guard: Responses like "K" and "Cool" or just one emoji. Usually just lurks.
Circle: Likes to write novels about absolutely nothing and then apologize for writing too much. Likes to send selfies. Usually a lot of spelling and grammar errors in her novels, but in short texts they're usually somewhat correct.
Beret: Poetic phrases with perfect grammar and spelling. She knows how to perfectly capitalize to emphasize stuff and make you read it a certain way.

Three: Perfect grammar, usually writes 2-3 sentences. She's the one telling Four to shut up and telling Eight to lighten up. Calls people out a lot.
Four: Keyboard smashes and memes. Lots of emojis. Sometimes he gets really gushy and Eight has to digitally slap him and tell him to shut up. Likes to send selfies.
Eight: Sends sketchy stuff at 3AM and rants about stuff that makes you think she's possessed by a demon, but then is perfectly fine the next morning. Sometimes disappears for days at a time and then just sends a picture of a flaming garbage can saying "me"
Ten: Wholesome texts! Lots of emojis and cute gifs. He's always telling the others to drink water and asking how they are.

@threesacult group

Cyrus: Types with absolutely no concern for grammar or punctuation. Every other word is misspelled. Basically completely incomprehensible if you don't know her well. Sends incredibly cursed images and videos into the chat with no context. Jack especially has trouble understanding her because she quotes random memes and vines so often. Also uses kaomojis (this sort of emoticon: 。゚(TヮT)゚。) a lot.
Quill: Perfect spelling but lots of run-on sentences, which makes her kind of hard to understand. She'll send a really long message with zero periods or commas of any sort. Uses emoticons like :3 in place of actual emojis. Cyrus also got her into the habit of texting with kaomojis. Goes "!!!!!" a lot.
Dally: Texts in one or two word responses. Doesn't need punctuation of any sort because when he actually needs a longer response or is telling a story, he'll text in really short bursts of messages—like, a sentence a text message. Misspells a lot, but not as big of an offender as Cyrus. Uses emojis, but ✨ironically✨. Will constantly leave you on read for no reason. Really just lurks in the chat a lot.
Anthony: Often doesn't capitalize anything, but with perfect spelling and grammar. Otherwise types very professionally aside from the occasional "jfkdjfksjfs". Never leaves anyone on read, even if a response isn't really necessary.
Jack: Doesn't like texting much, but when he does he types like he's writing an email. Will probably put an entire paragraph into one text message. He'll write five sentences just asking where someone is, but will send very cryptic and ominous images and texts with absolutely no context and not bother to ever explain. Tends to write really long messages in response to people, but when he's the one starting a conversation, he's extremely cryptic. Half the time he texts in French and just expects everyone to understand him. The only emoji he'll ever use is (: which has incredibly cursed energy coming from him.

@requiemisback language

Freya and Mizu: They make sure nobody can tell who's saying what, as part of a prank they like to pull on people. It's easy for them to pull said prank because they're conjoined, so they can easily swap from one to another.
Jacquelyn: She's totally the mom/medic of the chat. She's the one who makes sure everyone is doing okay and helps when they aren't. She's just a mom.
Jocelyn: She rarely says anything in the chat, but when she does, she usually just asks a very random question or sends a meme that nobody else but her understands.
Jack: He's definitely very active in the chat, and is always around for the most part. Though he sometimes spams the chat without realizing it.
Muse: He doesn't talk in the chat at all, but if there's ever a call in the group chat, he will most definitely join it.


Alune: Usually takes hours to respond and won't even look at his phone in the morning. Impeccable grammar and punctuation. Will absolutely leave you on read. Corrects everyone's spelling because it bugs him if he doesn't. Doesn't quite understand slang or text abbreviations. Tends to cram a whole essay into one message if he actually gets invested in a conversation. On rare occasions, he'll message the group at 3am with a random fact or theory that makes everyone have an existential crisis.

Varian: Frequently sends photos - either attention-seeking selfies or a photo of something like a dishrag on fire captioned 'same', there is no in-between. Text abbreviation whore. Worries the rest of the group by sending messages like 'lmao at the hospital rn' with no other context whatsoever. Uses ALL of the emojis but likes ;) best. Has previously sent incriminating or flirtatious things then quickly added 'OMFG SORRY WRONG PERSON'. If he really likes you he'll send you recordings of a song he's played recently.

Leaoni: Types in all caps when excited or mad. Also prone to keyboard smashing. Misspells most words - deliberately. Usually active but lurks a lot. Likes to respond with just 'K' sometimes to inspire fear. Drunk messages the groupchat saying how much she loves and appreciates everyone. Denies it the next day.

Sana: Groupchat therapist. Checks up on everybody. Messages with a lot of exclamation marks and kaomojis. Sends cute gifs and pictures. Sets everybody's nicknames and changes the chat colour. Always adds an 'x' at the end of her messages. If a day passes where she hasn't messaged anyone then it's a cause for concern.

Kallai: Leaves nearly everyone on read unless it's important. Hasn't quite worked technology out yet. Leaves group chats five minutes after being added - and is secretly proud that he knows how to do that. Would rather die than use emojis.

Frost: Has a seemingly endless stash of memes. Goes out of his way to TyPe LIkE tHiS. Will absolutely call you to get your attention if you ignore his messages. Gossips with everyone in pm. Autocorrect helps him out a lot. Creates a group chat for everything. Sometimes sends voice recordings instead of typing everything out.

Wren: Prefers to call rather than text. Also a punctuation and grammer freak. Unless he's excited in which case he spams the chat. Sends links to random news articles and goes on long rants about them. But will also send a photo of a random dog he just met accompanied by a bunch of heart and crying emojis.

@Eli_ group

Ace: He talks a lot. He's the spammer of the chat, and he will usually be up all night on most nights just posting memes in the group chat.
Spade: He is usually pretty inactive. Ace usually just presumes Spade has died and then gets shocked when Spade says something in the chat.
Mal: He prefers calling over texting. He has a deep, softspoken tone of voice, so when he is actually in a call with the group chat, it's hard to understand him. Also, his slight Russian accent may add to the "hard to understand" situation.
Jack: Always silent. Never speaks in the chat, nor the calls. He could most definitely leave anyone on read, and he most likely will.
Hollow: He acts as the dad of the chat, and he treats everyone in the group chat like they're his children. He even calls everyone "my child," "my dear," etc. He's also got the dad jokes down, too.


The six protagonists.

Landers: Would be the one to make a group chat. Sends pictures and videos of what he's doing. Is always active and never leaves anything on seen. Uses shorthand, never uses punctuation or capitalizes. Types fast and has to correct himself a lot. Uses emoji sometimes.

The Prince: Writes a bunch in one message then stops replying. Is only active at night or early hours of the morning. Takes forever to type. Uses proper grammar. Writes a bunch of extra words he doesn't have to add but does anyway cause of the way it makes him sound. Hates all emoji.

Harli: Doesn't text much. Sends unsolicited pictures of his garden/plants. Mostly sends supportive messages and good mornings and good nights. Doesn't know emoji exist.

Oscar: Doesn't know how to read very well, Harli's teaching him though. Doesn't text. Just sends pictures and videos (usually of him yelling or arguing). Doesn't know how to use emoji.

Lincoln: Texts short but thought out messages. will ruin his sleeping schedule texting to make sure who he's texting is going to be okay (well, depending on who it is). has a different text style depending on who he texts. But always has proper grammar. He doesn't agree with emoji.

Chester: Seen 12:54 PM

@requiemisback language

Reko: Has nothing better to do with her life, so she is very active in the chat. Especially when Babs is online, too, since they're both dating. She and Babs often have matching profile pictures.
Babs: Checks the chat often, but only comes online when Reko is online. As mentioned earlier, she and Reko can often be seen with matching profile pictures.
Lilia: The resident rat of the group chat. Only speaks if someone sends a meme that she understands, or if she herself is sending a meme. She also comes online to bully the others in the chat. Otherwise, she's extremely silent.
Seno: If there isn't already a dad in the chat, he's probably gonna fill the role. If there is already a resident dad in the chat, he'll just beg to be the co-dad. He's got lots of dad jokes and outdated memes to send, and he most likely cannot be stopped.

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Book 1 Characters
Oakannah: Chronic Lurker, terrible at responding, she will only if mentioned
Drest: that guy who's always sending memes and making bad puns. Usually well received but sometimes people get very sick of him
Medri: the Intellectual, only wants to have serious discussions about pop culture, doesn't really get internet humor or why know why she was added in the chat
Wilah: The Trauma dumper, makes everything about herself and her personal life, shares way too many details and is probably exaggerating quite a bit

@GoodThingGoing group

Geneva: Short replies, usually capitalized bc autocorrect and she doesn't want to put in the effort to turn it off. Occasionally texts in shorthand, but that's usually just to Jackson. Martha is the only person who's in her phone with her actual name, everyone else is listed as like "Bastard #3" or something.
Jackson: Short sentences, but he'll send like 5 in a row. Uses a lot of gifs. Sometimes just texts the GC at 3 am with a stupid meme. He doesn't really care about his spelling or grammar. He doesn't use a ton of emojis, but uses the sparkle one a lot to add ~drama~
Victor: Doesn't text (or even read the GC) often, but when he does it's a whole-ass paragraph with perfect spelling and grammar. Never uses emojis, doesn't even use the :) face. Has never done a keyboard smash before in his life. He usually doesn't reply to texts that aren't specifically directed at him, but sometimes he gets it in his head that he has to reply to every text, you know?
Martha: Perfect spelling interspersed with kaomojis, emojis, and emoticons. It can be a bit whiplashy to read her texts tbh. Everyone is in her phone as their name and then like 5 emojis.
Henry: Uses a lot of abbreviations. Not the best at spelling–he's dyslexic–and occasionally drops in an emoji (mainly the heart ones, and only to Victor). Uses keyboard smashes a lot in the GC, sometimes he'll go to drop in a gif but then get distracted by trying to find the right one.
Max: Slightly more relaxed texter than Victor, but still texts like he's writing an essay. Uses emojis and kaomojis when he's texting Alice, but is very professional with everyone else. Doesn't send cursed videos, but he'll sometimes just randomly text videos of, like, really good violin solos and stuff that like no one actually clicks on. Hates smalltalk but will insist on replying to every text.
Alice: No capitalization and barely any grammar despite being an English major. Texts mostly consist of abbreviations, emojis, and the occasional gif. Sometimes she'll forward absurd memes she gets from her younger siblings, but only Jackson every responds to them.