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Basically write your own walk into a bar joke but with your characters in place. Doesn't have to have to strictly be a joke it can just be whatever chaos ensues after they enter a bar. Have fun kids.

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Ara walks into a bar.
Ara immediately walks out of a bar.

(This seems like a lot of fun, and I'll try to think up of some more with the rest of my characters. Ara is just such an easy target though, honestly).

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Alga walks into a bar, the bartender asks her what she'd like. She looks around confused. "I'm sorry I thought this was the weed store."

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Azrael walks into a bar.
She makes it go bankrupt because she drinks all the alcohol.

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Ren walks into a bar and drags her drunk friends to her car (Ooh that rhymed)
Chan walks into a bar and is kicked out cause he's underaged

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Jax walks into a bar, then walks out because this isn't where her captain went and she's underaged.

Peregrine walks into a bar. The bar soon becomes a crime scene.

Azami and her friends walk into a bar. A few hours later, the bar somehow burns down and the Straw Hats have yet again narrowly evaded capture. The island is surrounded by Marines. The Straw Hats are long gone. The fire has spread. Nami's taken all the money. Zoro's taken all the booze. Luffy and Sanji have raided the pantry. Franky somehow got his hands on cola. Chopper's crying. Robin's just sitting there and smiling. Brook's just playing music. Usopp's disappeared again. What the hell just happened.

Peppermint walks into a bar. The bartender refuses to serve a small child. The bartender gets stabbed through the heart with a broken bottle.

Tori walks into a bar. Sabo almost burns the place down, thank god the rest of the squad can manipulate water.

Estella walks into a bar. Some guy starts flirting with her. His eardrums are promptly shattered.

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Felix walks into a bar. He falls over and swears at the inanimate object, before going to find some liquor. Jarrod wacks him for waking up everyone in the house.

Austin walks into a bar. Mel drags him out of the bar. Both are shouting.

Em walks into the bar. The bartender gives her a complimentary soda and everyone listens as she tells a story that she thinks is hilarious.(It wasn't really, but nobody really cared.)

Mel walks into a bar. Mel suddenly realizes she is in a bar. She freaks out internally, but she's here now and wants to like she know what she's doing. A girl flirts with her. She panics more, gives the girl her number, and leaves. They become good friends when the girl finds out she's underage.

Jarrod walks into a bar. He passes out on a table soaked in his own tears. Felix comes and gets him calling him a pansy and grabbing a bottle of tequila on the way out.


Sana walks into a bar. That scene from Tangled happens.

Kallai walks into a bar. He sits besides a wanted poster with his face on it. He doesn't realise this. The barman does, but is far too scared to report him.

Frost walks into a bar. He orders multiple Capri-Suns and gets a sugar high. Kallai is sat beside him the whole time drinking straight whisky.

Alune walks into a bar. He's never had alcohol before. Varian believes this is the worst crime ever committed and vows to rectify it. By the end of the night Alune's drunk lil butt is trying to summon a portal to the eldritch realm and Varian is regretting everything while frantically trying to stop him before Kallai finds out

Varian walks into a bar. Within five minutes he's either been bought a drink or started a bar fight. Leaoni is cheering him on in both scenarios.

Leaoni walks into a bar. She proceeds to drink the bar.

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Vant walks into a bar, orders a beer, and cries

Bartender: Hey what's the matter kid?

Vant: I divorced my wife

The entire bar bursts out in laughter, because that's funny to the twilis.

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Stormchaser: walks into a bar, and walks right back out.
Nightchaser: walks into a bar and gets into a fight immediately, while also being completely sober.
Niko: walks into a bar and eats almost everything on the menu before fighting someone.
Luna: wouldn't.
Eira: walks into a bar, says ouch.


Sky: Walks into a bar, gives it a confused once over, and then walks out again.
Bramble: Walks into a bar. Ouch.
Ivy: Walks into a bar and gives anyone who approaches her a death glare.
Jade: Walks into a bar and drinks just about everything there.
Azuria: Walks into a bar and face-palms when she sees what Jade is doing.
Galaxy: Walks into a bar and then walks out again because someone needs her for something. Will probably come back later.


Earl: Walks into a bar. Looks at a drink. Is instantly hammered.
Rachel: Stays outside the bar waiting for Earl because she's 14 and can't drink.


Naomi walks into a bar, announcing that she's the baddest B out of 4th Battalion. An hour later, she's sobbing and self-recriminating.

CJ walks into a bar. He walks out with a stack of phone numbers taller than he is.

Brandee walks into a bar. No one connects her to the "I built mine; you bought yours" Post-Its on every bro-truck in the parking lot by last call.

Kieron walks into a bar. He says "ow!" and apologizes profusely to the owner for denting it, but privately wonders who had the bright idea to set that thing seventy-eight inches from the ground unless it was specifically to bedevil tall people.


I wanna try one.

The gang (Valentin, Isadore, Raafi, Creake and Esa) walk into a bar one night. The keep points out a new game saying "The person who's standing straightest by the end of the night has to help him clean out the rest fo the patrons." They all agree and begin their drinking. Raafi and Isadore are obviously the first out with their inexperience. Esa and Valentin are holding strong but neither can succumb to drunkenness, Creake is already passed out somewhere.

The night closes in and as Valentin can't stand the idea of dealing with a bunch of drunks (and would rather not fake his way to "winning"), saunters up and lays a good one (kiss) on the keep saying "I suppose you can't call me straight by the end of tonight"

The barkeep replies: "No" and begins walking from around the counter into a fighting stance "so I suppose your friend over there will be walking you out here tonight".


Zara walks into a bar. By the end of the night seven bar fights have been started. Zara has won all of them. The bartender is too scared to kick her out. This occurs whether or not she actually drinks anything.
Daisy walks into a bar. Daisy befriends anyone in the bar who will accept it and several who will not.
Niara walks into a bar, orders a single drink. Drinks it, frowns at it, sits in a corner for the rest of the evening.
Phoenix walks into a bar, waits until people get drunk, then uses that to get information from them.

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Erika walks into a bar. She swore there was some sort of chaos going on, and that's why she was there, despite not being able to drink. Turns out to just be the aura of a drunk vampire.