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One of my very first characters is one I refuse to let go of, and I'm very attached to him. His name is Kuroko, which isn't awful, I'm just having a hard time rationalising it.

Kuroko is typically a surname or female name, Kuro meaning "black" and Ko meaning "child". He's half-Japanese and half-European and male, and Kuroko is his first name.

He's had this name for so long and its so engraved in me I'm worried about changing it. Should I?


Could Kuroko be a nickname? Maybe one used by family members, and childhood friends. Or maybe his nickname could be the "new" name- that way you still get to hold on to the character you knew, but also get the freshness of a different "title" of a sort.
This way you can maybe ease into changing his name as well- if you don't like the new name, then you still have the other one, and you can change it however many times you need. Or just ultimately decide to keep Kuroko as his name.
Or you could drop Kuroko if you like his secondary name enough! These are just some of my thoughts, so you can take this with a grain of salt if you don't care for them haha