forum Plot twists in your story/character arcs?
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Mine is my favourite character. His name is Alexander "Alex" Talim. He is the oldest of 5. Alex is a trans male. He is the prince. He is also an anarchist. It's my favourite thing.

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Hmmmm, well, I have this one character, Kage, who's a bit of a rollercoaster. His dad was one of the founders of a huge black market ops. Kage was raised by his uncle, who didn't like him at all. When Kage was discovered to be a special kind of person called a Whisperer, like his dad, his uncle disowned him. Things only got worse when Kage turned out to be a Shadow Whisperer (Shadows being these really dark type of creatures). Everyone was afraid of him, even though he's literally a smol baby. Thankfully, my main protagonist, Gemma, has too much of a bleeding heart to give up on him, and she proved that not only was he the softie that he appeared, but he also was (gasp) not a Shadow Whisperer, but a Crystal Whisperer.

So, Kage doesn't really have one plot twist in his story, but several. I hope that all made sense. I feel like I had to explain a lot to put it in context, lol.

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Milaka: The fox hide she carries around… If you know her backstory, you will remember that she was injected with a Reisu and instead of becoming one, the spirit of the fox comes in play instead. Helping her in the final battle :D

Levi: The band he has around his neck contains a harmful poison which was suppose to kill him out, but it didn't the plot twist is, in the final period (battle) he finally feels the effect of the poison. That's all I'm saying, does he die or not, that's just to far to spoil(even though I spoiled someone's death already). Your welcome :D

Lisha: …Remembers her friends and everything that has happened to her

Abree: She's gay- (Shhhh it's okay, don't spoil it to anyone else though :D)

Loki: Story being revealed is the biggest

Adeladie: At some point, she sits there and thinks to herself, 'is this worth it' it doesn't really go farther then that. just something to make the readers confused and wonder if she'll switch sides. Will she? You gotta wait to find out 😂


Plot twist the Jock who has been hanging out with the gay nerds turns out to also be gay! More at 11 June?