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I'll go first

Hi my name is Sophie, I'm da MC liek running into danger to save people which is how I got in this shit in the first place

(Hi my name is Ava, I'm da former amulet owner before sheep girl got stabbed and I have to save her life. I'm also mute)

Hi my name is Charlie, I was total shit as a kid until my dad died and I became immortal. Pls bulli me

Sup, The name's Lucas. Normies do not interact. I'm also very lonely and has trust issues but I'm better than u, peasant

I'm Jax, I'm emotionless, trust no one and I hate my dad. But I have to let sheep girl protect me bc of a promise

Hello I'm Matthew and I'm perfect besides the fact that I'm a codependent jealous yandere. I want to protecc Sophie bc she saved me

I'm Micheal, I'm da MC's lil bro, I'm the ultimate gaemer, hate people, and have galaxy brain. Also, I have some mysterious illnessTM and am going through an exiential crisis

@JustALostM book

Heyo, I'm Fern and I am my brother's translator but I still joke with him like hell.

Oi, I'm Lincoln, and I'm mute. I'm just your ordinary Bisexual cinnamon role.

Hey, Talas here. Just your typical nerd that can shape-shift into objects.


Hi, I'm Mercury and I hate everything, by the way, I have an abusive husband.

Hello! I'm Libby and I'm super sweet and adorable, but because I'm different I have lots of trauma and hate leaving the house!

Sup, I'm Maven and I'm really gay.

@NotSoBeautifulDiseaster group

I'm Bonnie, I'm a fangirl and I got held hostage by the animu bois, I hate RL
I'm Valerie, I'm a total tool bc Sophie and her friends bulli me, but I join the MC's side for saving
I'm Insato, I'm a MC and I don't trust anyone, I escaped my video game and is on the run. Like a cake?
I'm Gaki, I'm a sugoi kawaii desu baka baka idol shota. WUV ME UWU
I'm Alvis, I'm supah smart and lives by charts, I also hate my fans and think wamen are dum
I'm Otori, I'm fanservice, I also don't believe in consent and hates all other men
I'm Ongi, I'm a r/niceguy and rly edgy yanderu, Insert why did u leave me (TnT)
I'm Tsumi, I'm your god, kneel before me peasants

@LilMeme group

I'm, Asumi and I'm the MC, I want to be a policeman and find out more about my mom, also I'm really hopeful and like to fix people
I'm Kage, I'm really depressed and edgy, I'm friends with Sunflower boi so I can sacrifice
I'm Minato, I'm a tomboy miko and I'm in love with Asumi, I'm also trying to get rid of all his friends
I'm Eri, I'm Asumi big cousin and I like money and protecting my cousin, also I killed my mom
I'm Collin, I'm babey who needs protection and I hate men and perverts, but I have to befriend the MC so I make a wish
I'm Mikoto, I want to staph the Kami Game and save Asumi, also I'm really angy and I hate myself
I'm Hanaki, I think Asumi looks like my gf and I want to protect him, also I'm jealous of Kage
I'm Emiko, I'm homeless mysterious waif, I'm leader of rebellion towards a cult
I'm Unzari, I'm enjoying helping people, I'm also rly horny
I'm Hikari, I'm emo boi's lil sis, I'm also rly hungry, a workaholic, and I'm in love with Mina-san
I'm Kosuke, I'm emo boi's ex bf and horny boi's and sakura girl's dad, I want to become god
I'm Ran, I'm the headmaster and I want to destroy the Kami Game


Hi I'm Kasey, I am an idiot and have dog energy

Hi I'm Erwin, I am nerd, leave me to be raccoon

Hi I'm Cooper, I am too tired and how am I an adult

Hi I'm Rycca, I want to rule the world and I hate everyone

Hi I'm Zaldi, I'm a lonely mess, immortal and stressed 25/8

@NotSoBeautifulDiseaster group

I'm Charlie's mom and I just want my husband to come out of his coma
I'm Charlie's dad and I'm a bunny now and my son keeps bullying me
I'm Kelly and I'm a delinquent, also I'm going through an identity crisis. pls help
I'm Dawn the leader of the delinquents, I'm the baddest bitch, fite me. Also I'm dating a cheerleader for some reason
I'm Emma Kelly's big sister, I want my sister just to be like us is that too much to ask
I'm Terry, and I'm basically the embodiment of fake woke white people
I'm Tori, Terry's stepsister, I'm literally the only sane person in the cast
I'm Aaron, My life is football and I'm your basic jock until my high school life crisis kicks in
I'm Darrell, I'm Aaron bf, I kind of just ignore everything going on
I'm Claire and I want big brother to notice me
I'm Elijah, I'm the villain of the arc, I'm will sacrifice all disbelievers to my brother
I'm Hunter, I just wanted to become prom king

Deleted user

I'm Tobias, and I deserve much better.

I'm Elias Mitchell, and I deserve so much worse.

I'm Quuan'ii, I deserve to be punched.


Hello, I'm Emmazin, and I just want to be loved, please someone show me affection at this point I'll take anything-

I'm Treetown! I wanna look pretty~

Hello, I'm Ruu, I just want everyone to stop fighting TwT

@sock group

Hey there! I'm Heli :D I like helping people, especially my best friend Laetus!! I try my best to help my friends not die during their adventures!

Yo, I'm Laetus. I do questionably legal stuff and like having fun :) Heli calls me too reckless, but hey, what's life without spice?

Hi, I'm Wolf, and no, that's not my real name. I'm a grump but my friends love me for some reason. I like cats and books I guess.

Hi there, I'm Mito. I'm what you would call the only braincell of the group. I love music and will fight you if you make a short joke.

Why hello there~ I'm Pira ;) I flirt too much for my own good and have a tragic backstory that only Theo knows. Who knows though? Maybe I'll reveal it someday~

Hi, the name's Theo. I try to curb Pira's impulses, but I'm rarely, if ever, successful. I look tall and scary, but I'm pretty much the opposite.

Hi there!! I'm Stella :) I'm way too hyper and often act like I'm on a sugar high. I'm actually pretty insecure inside despite my cheerful personality though! :D

@Williamnot group

I'm Austin, if you touch me I'll bite you. Get to know me and you'll realize I'm actually a cinnamon role, but that doesn't mean I won't kill a bitch.

Hi, my name's Felix. I like guns, bitches, and alcohol and commit a lot of crime. Eventually I'll grow as a character to become defined as more than just that, but for now fuck you!

My name is Jarrod. No, I'm not Austin or Emily's mom. If you touch them I will fuck your shit up. I am a self taught doctor and an accountant for an organized crime gang.

I'm Emily… I like animals… …. …… …

I'm Melissa, don't mind Austin, he's a moron. My hobbies include reading, cooking, being anxious, and making sure Austin doesn't kill a bitch.