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Basically just coming up with characters (preferably on the spot and not well thought out) based on any single word prompt given, but only names (pronouns optional) personality and appearance I'll start:
(At my friends request) Discombobulated-

Uriah Prieto (They/He/She)
Severe anxiety, they simply cannot get their mfing life together. Extroverted but socially awkward. An overall mess.
The way they look has literally no explanation. Their favorite colors are lime green and sky blue, so definitely wears clashing colors, and also, most of their clothes is either ripped or stained (sometimes on purpose, usually not). Indie/Weirdcore aesthetic.


Esther Price (yes like the chocolate)

Esther is bubbly and very loud once interested or excited.
But she can also be extremely airheaded and a bit stupid in stressful situations.
Her favorite colors are neon orange and royal purple her clothing style is mismatched and brightly colored. Her aesthetic would be considered dreamcore.


Cynthia "Cynth" McRoy (She/her)
Quiet and reserved, naive, blunt. Optimistic, although her cynical sense of humor would lead those who don't know her well to believe otherwise.
I'm imagining a pastel aesthetic full of primarily lavender with tints of green and pink. A slight build with caramel skin, whiskey brown eyes, and very curly black hair full of more pastel-themed hair clips. Probably wears lots of simple, but artsy clothes styled more through layers and accessories than the actual pieces. At the moment, I'm picturing a fitted white t-shirt and lavender overalls with pink patches sewn on, matching lavender Vans, and a pink headband that ties into a bow at the nape of her neck. Probably a few dangly bracelets and earrings, as well.

Some other vibes I get from her:

  • Enjoys producing music with trap elements and heavy bass, but dabbles with lowfi beats.
  • Wants to be a producer/dj, but settles for painting houses with her crew in the meantime.

I started out with a mental image of those puff pastries garnished with a bit of lavender, and here we are. I kinda like this character. Maybe I'll draw her.


Elliott McPherson. (he/they)

Elliott is seventeen with a lot of past baggage. He is used to holding in his emotions and feelings but is very good with expressing his emotions when needed. He has a tendency to explode when he doesn't have the opportunity to express his feelings.

He is described as moonlit pale with big curious blue eyes and a permanently goofy smile.
He wears loose ripped 80's style jeans and sweaters, or a long sleeve patterned shirt under a solid colored t-shirt with tie dye slip on vans.

stuff he likes:

  • reading by candlelight
  • handwriting letters for the nostalgic feel of it
  • painting the infamous Frog and Toad from the various children's book in the series "Frog and Toad"
  • pressing flowers
  • punching/screaming into his pillow