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My OC need some aesthetic boards so I was wondering in anyone had some pictures I could use.

It has to be your own photo, not from the internet
Smoking and drug references/silhouettes are ok but nothing else drug related
Song suggestions are ok too
Nothing 16+ (refer to rule 2 for drug related rules)
Please look at Jebby's page and art before you post a photo
Please use google or imgbb to post photos
Your own art is ok aswell

Here is his page: Jebby Cals

@requiemisback language

i'd love to help with the aesthetic board portion of this!! i think i can have something ready soon, so it may be a bit before i get back with the completed product! i can also send examples of my boards, in case you need 'em! :o

@requiemisback language

okay, here's the altered board! i changed the aesthetics in it, changed the background and made it dark to fit the aesthetics, and got rid of a few of the overlays and made it simpler. hope this works! again, let me know if you need me to change anything!


@requiemisback language

ty!! i'm glad you do :D it took a while to find some fitting aesthetics for jebby but i finally got it to work lmao-
i'm glad i was able to help! if you need any more boards, shoot me a dm and i can make another one for ya! <3

@Starfast groupDance & Cry

It has to be your own photo, not from the internet

Any reason behind this rule? Because if images from royalty free sites like Unsplash are ok then I could probably make one for you as well. I know @rosalynn-is-funkin-on-a-friday-night already made one but it's been a while since I've done an aesthetic board and I was thinking it might be fun.