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"So, let the QNA BEGIN!!"

Skrrt @alincidence
Youtuber boxing match. Who would you fight a why

Damn son @Jamiedodger
Whats the mot irrational fear you have

Ushijima's Piss Pot @Sakusabottomlip
Whose your least favourite friend??👀👀

Whats with that snapchat [OC A] posted last night?


Kay-lin-Ka-lyn @comegetyalljuice
What's the most embarrassing thing your willing to share with us!

✨👸💅 @D3cit3fUllLi35
Is [SHIP NAME] real???

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I'm doing this one for Mia)

1) "Myself, because I have a youtube channel, and I am very weak."

2) "I have no irrational fears, everything I'm afraid of is backed up by science. Even my fear of hamsters, because they are soul less beings who eat their own young."

3) "Sorry Katrina, but Austin is actually good at Mario cart." (off screen yelling, she ducks to avoid getting hit by a folding chair) "And your language, Katrina there could be children watching."

4) "He's not sane, that's the only answer I can come up with." (more off screen yelling)

5) "I'm the paragon of human elegance, nothing embarrassing ever happens to me. Except for everything I record on my Youtube channel."

6) "No. Watch as your ship burns and sinks."

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This is for Blythe

1) "Um….IDK, jacksecpticeye? He might be a bit taller than me, but he's just an Irish guy. With no powers. Pretty weak."

2) "That is not something I am willing to share."

3) "Charlie. Though, he hasn't been my friend ever since he cheated on me. Don't have much choice being around him now that he married Mikayla….If I had to choose an actual friend, Michelle? Sorry, I just don't know you that well."

4) "If he doesn't want to say anything, he doesn't have to. I'm not speaking for him."

5) "I once legitimately attacked my dad because I thought he was some guy trying to kill me. It was dark, I was sleep deprived. I won though. So much for that serum."

6) "Yes? We're literally married. And have kids. I don't know where this is coming from?" OR "Yes. Yes, it is. I hate it. For reasons. But if my dad is happy, then whatever."

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Asking Elyas! :)
1) Uh… I don't know? I'm not very familiar with technology at the moment.
2) I absolutely hate lizards. I just know they're up to something.
3) [whispers] Chan scares me //I heard that!//
4) [laughs] Lucas slaughtered everyone in Mario Kart, and it was hilarious. Chan and Lucas got into a fight at the end though.
5) …Um. I plead the fifth.
6) Nope.

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Doing this for Azami, assuming she was in the modern-day universe
1) "Mr. Beast, if I win I'll probably get money."
2) "Nami."
3) "I know of no such thing."
4) Laughs nervously "I'm not allowed to say."
5) "That one time when I was watching the sun set, then fell off the boat and almost drowned. Sanji found me tangled up in seaweed."
6) "Hell no."

@stressed-sock group

Doing two more of my characters :)


  1. I would fight… anthpo? Do you guys know him? He has such chaotic energy.
  2. I really don't like large bodies of water.
  3. Probably Ren [Ren: You know you love me~] Shut up
  4. Everyone's face was hilarious! Especially Chan's [Chan: Hey!] You can't deny it!
  5. I got stuck in the bathroom for about 2 hours while Ren had to call the locksmith.
  6. Yep. They seem to be the only ones who don't know it though


  1. I would fight Mr. Beast and absolutely deck him.
  2. I am very scared of wasps. [muttering] Disgusting little creatures.
  3. Oh, definitely Himari [Himari: Hey!] I'm just kidding! Love you~ [Himari: Ew]
  4. Oh yeah, that Snapchat! Lucas beat everyone in Mario Kart, and I managed to get it on camera!
  5. Umm… I once took the hand of a random stranger, thinking he was my dad. I was 10 though.
  6. I- uh- /clears throat/ Who told you that?

@stolenbrocoli group


  1. David Dobrik, i wanna see him cry
  2. Ants, rolly pollies, and hummingbirds
  3. Garret 10/10, love his mom tho
  4. Some people smoke, some people do acid, i like to land somewhere in the middle. Shrooms
  5. No
  6. No. Gani will never be real. He killed my brother

@SpookyScarySnoteleks group

1: "Yes."
2: "My tiny girlfriend."[angry Estella sounds in the distance]
3: "I have one friend, so I suppose Estella."
4: "So what if I sleep-fight if I've been drinking too much? I can still kick your ass in my sleep."
5: "Nope."
6: "Indeed."

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(So now I'm going to do more.)
1) I'll fight all of them. At once. And I'll win.
2) Being buried alive.
3) Mia just betrayed me. Mia says I'm her least favorite. Well you know what Mia I don't like you either.
4) Let's not talk about Mia. She's betrayed my trust. We are no longer friends. (offended Mia sounds)
5) I never found Waldo. I searched the entire page for days. I never found Waldo. (sad Katrina noises.)
6) No. No to all the ships. Burn them.

@GameMaster group

I'll start with Asia!

  1. "Georgenotfound. I could snap the boy like a twig."
  2. "I'm terrified of butterflies. They scare the shit out of me."
  3. "Marco is so nice and quiet when he's sober but I've had to drag all 170 pounds of him back to his dorm after drunk poetry. It's a university tradition but he had way too much brandy. He was still quoting Tennyson when I left him half-dressed in his bed."
  4. "The thing Alec posted with the tie wrapped around his head? Couldn't tell you if I wanted to."
  5. "Once I called a teacher mommy. Also sometimes I envy Alec's stupidity." [Angry Alec Noices]
  6. "It is."

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My girl, Colby:

  1. "Anyone! I will take them down! Bring it on, bitches!"

  2. "Loud noises….."

  3. "Least favorite friend? I shouldn't choose….but Kandy. Not saying I dont like her! she's my least favorite…"

  4. "Oh- [laughing] Hunter and- [wheeze] Hunter was trying [Colby now collapsed and is laughing on the floor] Hunter was trying to give Tyler a piggy-back ride and they fell, but I caught it at the right time and their faces [more laughing] were priceless.

  5. "Uhhh….Catiline and I kissed one time when she was extremely drunk…not completely intentional though."

  6. "Who?"