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So my siblings and I were blowing up balloons and letting them fly at each other when I had a thought:
I could totally see my OTP doing this.
I'm sure some, if not all of you guys have had a similar situation, so that's where this thread comes in!

Alright, so basically, if you see, or even imagine something going down, or do something that you can easily imagine your OTP doing, you can post that scenario here!


You can, if you'd like, mention the pairing in mind when you post.
Any drama can go right on over to the Rudeness Chat if need be.
If you feel it's necessary, please use a spoiler tag and a trigger warning. For those of you who don't know how to spoiler tag:

If others are uncomfortable or believe that a certain scenario needs a spoiler tag and/or trigger warning, please do so!
Note: If you don't want any other users to use your scenario in their own works, please say so in the initial post!
Thanks for reading all of these, and most importantly, have fun!

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Alright, so I dont know if any of you have watch Haikyuu!!, but I need to vent

[Spoiler incase you plan on watching the anime or reading the manga!]


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Character A: (sitting on a couch listening to music with earbuds)
Character B: (comes up behind them and taps them on the shoulder) What are you listening to?
Character A: Here, you can listen. (hands B one earbud.)

Then they both sit there enjoying music together. Awww so cute. But there's a better one.

Character A: (hands them one earbud)
Character B: I can't hear anything.
Character A: Yeah, only one side works.

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I can't decide which one I like better lmao
I might draw the second one someday though lol

There's also a version where Character A is listening to the Spongebob theme song.


Blame social media for these:

Imagine your OTP getting separated from each other during a crisis, then spotting each other a significant (but still readily surmountable) distance away.

Imagine your OTP bunting their foreheads together like cats. (Think Raleigh and Mako at the end of Pacific Rim.)

Combine the two: imagine your OTP reconvening after a brief but stressful inadvertent separation, running to each other, and bunting like kitties.