forum If Your Characters Best-Friend put a g*n to their head, what would their reaction be?

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@JustALostM book

Francis: Sir, You have it on safety mode.
Lucas: It's 2am. Could you just rob me instead? Pulls out his own gun
Dylan (a child): Ooo I like that toy! Grabs it out of the guys hand and points it towards him Can I test it?

Kate Mcmanus

Dhez: j-jer?! What’s.. what are you—
Jerry: it’s— it’s not me! tears brimming his eyes it’s—
Haskel: me wicked smile that’ll teach your mother to deny me, fennec
Dhez: Jerry don’t—
scene dramatically fades to black with the sound of a gunshot in the background

I’m so not sorry at how dramatic this is XD

@Dayzed forum

Francis: Sir, You have it on safety mode.
Lucas: It's 2am. Could you just rob me instead? Pulls out his own gun
Dylan (a child): Ooo I like that toy! Grabs it out of the guys hand and points it towards him Can I test it?

I love all of this lmfaoo

@EldritchHorror-Davadio health_and_safety emoji_events

Charlie: reflexively grabs the gun and breaks his friend's wrist by accident "Oh! I-.. you can't do that, man, you know how I am…"

Romulus: grins You think you can pull that trigger before I punch your lights out? Try it, buddy…

Lucky: freezes "Oh… merde… easy, there, take it slow. What did I do?"

Ronnie: stares his friend down Your posture is off. Feet a little further apart, or the recoil will knock you over. There you go, that's it. Keep your wrist straight. That's better. Now remember to squeeze the trigger, not pull…"

Johnny: sighs deeply, before looking away Do it now if you're gonna do it.

@Rabbi_Arsonist group

Get ready. This is going to be a long ride :D

Main Characters
Milaka: Goes still "um…"
Abree: Triple backflip "SON OF A DI-
Levi: death stare but goes still
Lisha: Blinks innocently. Kicks any where that hurts, grabs the gun then points it to their head "Surprise bi-" (Milaka:) "LISHA YOUR 8!"

Topiary Manor Members
Knizo: You cant even see his face. He wears a mask
Cimma: Gets serious
Kamau: dodges and gets down swinging her legs under her friends knocking them over and one to the ground. Then she shatters the gun, stepping on it "Fck this"
Angi: *smiles
"Oh my… If it must be this way..
Kirpa: Doesn't care what so ever
Aurora: Cries "BESTIE NO!!
Umbra: Stares dumbfounded
Alba: …I knew making friends was a mistake. Umbra always tells me to make friends. Whats his deal. Frigg this. Frigg him. Frigg you. And your cheap a- gun. Get the friggity out my friggin' face you piece of turd.

Loki: Have you chosen death?
Adelaide: Bestie…
Kai: Heh heh.. Gun.
Kali: Oh..? Death it is.
Aaoka: Oh my~ well if your into it~
Zec: Food?
Prida: ….
Mi: I just wanted to play teddy bears…

Pop: How did you even get a gun..?
Lemon: Dumb founded …?!
Moche: W-what..?
Cacao: Wowewww
Honey: wakes up eh?

Lily: …But I gave you salmon..

@another_Sarcastic_writer group

Savannah: god damn it, again?! roundhouses them in the face and flicking them off
Paris: you asshole…those are blanks by the way
Jamie: …nice nerf gun

Carlos: do it, kill the monster in me closes eyes letting a tear escape
Amarya: but..but you said the outcasts stick together

@Serenity88 group

Quinn: (his best friend is Jasmine) looks unamused into her eyes. really. Martial arts it away from her
Jasmine: (her best friend is Quinn) stiffens oh its just you. what is this? a prank? I dont find it funny Mallard.(mallard is her nickname for him)

@Luvuboo_xoxo group

Caroline: tearing up really…? After everything? Everything we've been though? You just… I can't believe you… I thought we were friend! I-I cared for you! I was loyal to you! W-why…?
Jordan: Oh really!? Puts a gun to friend's head as well. Shot for shot. If I'm going to hell, your coming too.
Neveah: If it makes you happy, then shoot me… if it would make you happy, kill me. Right here, right now…
Sophia: Eye roll I've seen this a mile away… Her older brother comes behind best friend (Caroline) and snaps her neck Which is why me and Xavier were 10 steps ahead of you~ Evil grin
Xavier: Oh… oh… Xavier looks down Well, just so you know, my little sister is a manic and will probably kill you… right about now for doing this. His little sister (sophia) stabs best friend (Mason) in the heart.

@Serenity88 group

(Cayde and Amelya)
Cayde: "Woahwoahwaoh!! hey now I know im a punk, but isn't that overkill?"
Amelya: martial arts it away from him and turns it on him. "So. Got something to say, Hunter?"


(Idk names yet)

Protaganist: you die. They are literally God. You die.

Antagonist(pre redemption): kill them idc (they don't have friends you have a random person)

Antagonist(post redemption):Wait! Please take me instead!

Enchantress: you die. Again you just die.

Cursed magician: you die but in a funky way that makes their friend laugh.

Pirate scrunkly: threatens to kill himself instead

Old prophet: I'm sorry it had come to this my friend. I couldn't prevent it.

Ocean god: walks away bc you can't kill a God.

@JourneyOfTheOwl group

Elias looked at his best friend, Maya as the gun was put to his head. He slowly reached out to grab his staff, but it seemed a whole world away. Maya screamed, "Hands up, now. NOW!" Elias did, not in the mood to disobey anyone. "Good… Good… Anything to say?"

Elias hesitated, "Why are you doing this? You promised we'd help defeat the king together,"

"Yeah? Well, I'm so sick of being in second place! "Ooo~ Elias is so special! Ooo~ Elias will save us. What. About. ME!?" She cocked the gun, putting it to his temple. Elias's eyes did their usual, betraying him and letting tears form and roll down his face in the salty, silvery streams that fell from his olive-toned skin and onto the concrete below, leaving little wet spots in their wake.

"Maya- You need to breathe. We can do this. I promise. But first, we have to end King Valliente's reign." Elias would whisper, praying that his friend of many years would realize how serious he was. "Please…"

Maya's trembling hands slowly lowered the gun, her own tears mixing with his own. She knew how Elias felt- And she wasn't heartless. Elias slowly nodded, "I know you aren't," Which sent confusion spiraling and caused her to lift the weapon. "No, No. Maya, I know you're scared. but apparently when needed- I can also- I don't know."

"Elias… I haven't said a thing." Her voice was shaking more than an earthquake and her heart was pounding a million beats a second. "Don't tell me there's more to this whole magic thing? We already were in trouble for you controlling light."

"Maybe there is… But I hope not…"

@spacebluelily language

Astrea: blinks and tilts their head You do realize a bullet isn't going to do anything, right? I'll just bounce right back. The pain of not being able to die. At least get creative! I mean, being shot to death is so last century.

Anya: Go on, shoot me. I'll enjoy the chaos that comes after when the "Doctor" and "Father" go after your head. Aw, look at you, shaking at the mere thought of going against some of the most powerful people. Heh, how pathetic.

Cassius: Ah. So, is it finally time? It was weird that you didn't try to get rid of me before. I understand why you're doing this, but I'm afraid it'll be you instead of me.

Coral: Hey, hey! We can talk this through. I would like not to die before I make it big in Hollywood! Hehe…jokes aside…come on, we're best friends…you can't do this!

Andromeda: Oh, erm…nice prop! I hadn't realized you would bring it to our patrols….does it make you feel sa-
It's real…? But why would you do this? What have I done to deserve this?


Ramona: Haha, very funny. Come on, put that down.
Monika: freezes, eyes trained on the gun, the last time someone pointed one of those at her, things didn't end well for them You shouldn't go around pointing that at people.
Rosemary: Whoa! Uh, what's this about? Did I do something? We can work this out! Just tell me what's going on.
Lottie: You ain't gonna shoot me. I know you better 'n that.
Aoife: Ooh! Where'd you get that? Let me see! takes gun and inspects it Very nice, though, you really shouldn't just point it about like that, you know. Someone could get hurt if your not careful!