forum If your character was represented by a food/drink, what would it be?
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I hope this doesn't sound weird. :/
Anyways, basically what the title says. It doesn't have to be their favorite, and reasoning is optional.
I was inspired by an incorrect quote oof

Here are some of my characters:
Aster: Red Bull - He has way too much energy at the most random moments and then he's suddenly silent for the rest of the night. Where did it come from? Where did it go? Where did you come from Cotton Eye Joe-
Mito: Coffee - He's kinda bitter about life in general. Most people don't like him for who he is and feel the need to change him in some way. Of course, there are some who like him for who he is, and they're his closest friends.
Theo: Rice - He gets along with just about everyone and is very social and friendly. I wouldn't say that he's bland by himself, though.
Pira: Flaming Hot Cheetos - Okay, first off, he's flaming hot. Hanging around him too much also probably wouldn't be very healthy - he has a tendency for trouble.
June: Steak - He's fancy and refined. Also rather picky about who he's friends with and likes fire a bit too much

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Oooooohh this'll be fun

Flo: Whiteclaws. She's obsessed with them and she's intoxicating like alcohol. They're generalized as things rich white party girls drink, which fits her kinda

Adisa: Rice. it can be made into so many things. It can be simple or complicated, whatever you want it to be. There's not just one, it's a bunch of pieces put together. Also she's latina.

Haven: monster. she's full of energy, but from an unnatural source. plus, the aesthetic totally fits her

Luc: MACARONI OMG he's the "golden boy" and smooth and creamy (wait that sounds weird-) like macaroni

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Rowan: Glass of water and a stale bread alm. Despite being born into privilege, the way his family treated him because of his birth (which, not like he even did that on purpose…) has left him with this psychological complex

Glenn: Beer and a honeyed clove-roasted ham and aged cheese sandwich. More grounded, still a bit hedonistic.

Mona: Salt meat field rations and a beef wellington or any baked goods that requires precise measurement and some complicated intuitive techniques. Protein powder drink that claims to be milk but it really engineered to be a meal replacement. She knows the rules. She lives the rules. Rules make the best things in life happen.

Amber: A lump of jaggery in herbal tea. Medicinal and underappreciated.

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Ohoho, hell yes!

Minnie: French fries. She's got that warm, savory feel to her and her personal style is always changing. She can go from tater tot to waffle fry in a minute if she wants to. Also, hOT-

Sage: Cinnamon bun. The "cinnamon vibe" fits her well, with her warm and sweet personality. She can be super nice, but she WILL NOT HESITATE TO SLAP A B*TCH IF SHE NEEDS TO. SWEET TO SPICY IN AN INSTANT.

Ethan: Dragon fruit. He's wild on the outside but sweet on the inside. The bold exterior is absolutely his thing and he's hard to come by, especially in a domestic manner.

Reese: Mint. They try to push people away and convince other's that they're toxic to be around, but they're actually really cool and sweet and people love them whether they like it or not.


Lincoln: Trail mix, is stainable and stays good for a while. He's practical and trail mix is a practical food.

Chester: spicy cinnamon candy, not too many people like him and even if they think they will once they get to know him they get tired of him like how people get tired of the spicy candy eroding away at their mouth skin. He looks sweet but will end up leaving you with a bad taste in your mouth.

Harli: Freshly picked root vegetable. He appears one way but once you get to know him (pull the roots up) you'll see he's someone completely different. also he's very earthy and loves gardening.

Oscar: Sunflowers seeds. but specifically the bad ones that you can't tell are bad till it's too late and you've already got the taste stuck in your mouth.

Landers: Hamburger, because he wants to eat one (also he's a common soldier, like a common burger. but he's missing a few pickles).

The heir: Half and half Lemon juice to water. practically no one can handle them. but once you sugar coat them they're much easier to handle. but that isn't their pure self.

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shroom: for drink, he's strawberry lemonade. for food, she's a portabella mushroom. the mushroom part is because…….he's shroom. haha yeah pyro very funny. as for the strawberry lemonade, she represents that because he is very sweet, but yet she tries to be sour.

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i love everything about this
Frog: Probably matcha tea & any matcha flavored candy. I personally don't like matcha, I think it tastes like grass, but this is Frog and frogs live in the grass. (word association for the win)
Dick: This man is caramel iced coffee; a little too sweet but you don't care much and enough energy to get you through the morning before it's just too much of him.
Shiloh: I already had her prepared, but she's Monster Energy: Ultra Violet. The pixie stick flavor fits her general vibe, but even the actual concept of the caffeine fits too: she's hella energetic and then crashes hard.