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Alright, so, basically, I have these two characters named Freya and Mizu, who are conjoined. They're not siblings, like siamese twins or anything; they were forced into getting a procedure done so they'd be stitched together. They have this intense rivalry with each other but also hate each other's guts. Is there a good way to write this rivalry? Because I don't usually have characters who are related to one another squabble and stuff, but for these two I thought I'd try it out. Please help!! I seriously need tips for writing this kind of thing

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(These are my experiences with my siblings….)

  • Attempts to get parent's/guardian's attention (I'm guessing that won't apply here)
  • Arguing about things
  • Love/hate relationship
  • Teasing of each other
  • Surprisingly super loyal to each other
  • Protective of one another
  • Similar interests, even share some