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So my main character was attacked when he was ten and ran from home to escape his attacker, leaving everyone to think he was dead. He didn't want to return for numerous reasons, the main one being that he was afraid of seeing his enemy again. But years later he does return at eighteen years old and meets up with his father again, who is absolutely astonished that he's alive. They always had an odd dynamic and butted heads but they did have some really good memories. I know that the father reacts well to his son's return and that he get's pretty emotional, but what do I have him act like towards his long lost son after that point? Would he just return to normal life, or would he be happier than usual? I could really use some tips.

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I can see their dynamic being kind of awkward at first, as they get to know each other again. For example, the father only as memories of his son as a child, so he'd have no idea who his son has grown into and would have to figure out how to make friends with that person. Maybe he would accidentally treat his son like a little kid until he learned more about him. His son, meanwhile, might be used to taking care of himself and making his own decisions, and therefore struggle to adjust to having a parent trying to manage his life for him all of a sudden. Or he might have built his father up as a big hero in his head, only to be slightly disappointed by the guy in real life (even if his dad's a great person).
Those are just some ideas, hope they help! ^^

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Thanks @Young-Dusty ! that really does help. Seeing as I've never been in that sort of situation it's kind of hard to imagine, so it's great when people give me some tips :)