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  • Give me as much info as you can! I want to hear all of it! I'll also find middle and surnames too!!!
  • Post as many times as you want with as many characters as you want. Go nuts!
  • In return, I'll give you as many names as I can (with meanings!)

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Alrighty so ive got one of my kids, and they're kinda new, so im working on them a bit, but with most of my characters I had a name first and the personality last so but lets just get started. I had a name picked out, Quintin (His age isnt set in stone), and I started his page, but his name doesn't really fit. I wanted to mention I kinda want a name thats a little unusual, like with the other characters have. (They're Justus, Prince, Major, Eligor, Checkers, Boss, Liberty, August.) (It doesn't have to be that weird, it can just be a August level name if that makes sense, or if its just a normal name thats perfectly fine) So lets talk about him. He's a stubborn kiddo with messy and dirty black hair. He's very skinny and scrawny, not because he's underfed but thats just kinda how he's made. He's one of those characters who have a rough exterior but are really sweet inside, (Yes, I realize its cliché) but since he's 10-15 years old it can get amusing sometimes. He likes his secrets, but actually he doesnt and is just waiting for you to ask him about them. He likes to write short stories (Which he actually doesn't like to say what they're about until pressured by another character) and he also loves to sing and its adorable.

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I’ve been needing a last name for Ray and his family for so long, I’d be forever in your debt if you found one for him. Seriously, I can’t think of a thing that works.



I've given you names that conjure up the image of a rough-and-rowdy boy, and I did my best to vary lengths and syllables. Hope this helps!

Wilder (no meaning), Maverick (nonconformist), Huxley (inhospitable place), Django (I awake), Corentin (tempest), Rodion (song of the hero), Orion (famous Greek warrior), Kit, Lorcan (little, fierce), Bo (to live), Boone (lucky), Fergus (man of force), Crispin (curly-haired), Xerxes (hero among heroes), Emilio (rival), Odysseus (wrathful), Dax, Kenzo (strong and healthy), Sirius (burning), Bellamy (fine friend), Beck (small stream), Drake (dragon or male duck), Oz (courageous), Kieran (little dark one), Mccoy (fire), Larkin (rough, fierce), Hogan (youth), Vercingetorix (king over warriors), Tate (cheerful), Lars (crowned with laurel), Zev (wolf), and Keats (kite)



I've tried to give you surnames that are associated with nature and stone, as well as some color names as a nod to the first Pokémon region. Hope these help!

Ackerman (man of oak), Attwood (lives in the forest), Bentley (from the bent grass meadow), Bond (tied to the land), Caindale (from the clear river valley), Covyll (lives by the caves), Dagwood (from the bright one's forest), Ellwood (from the old forest), Graham (from the great meadow), Holcomb (from the deep valley), Huxley (inhospitable place), Lander (from the grassy plain), Maitland (from the meadow), Park (of the forest), Pitney (from the preserving land), Sherwood (from the bright forest), Stanwood (from the stony forest), Thornly (from the thorny meadow), Tilden (from the fertile valley), Worcester (from the alder forest), Aureolin (yellow), Cadmium, Chartreuse (green), Citron (bright green), Ebony (black), Viridian (green), Icterine (yellow), Keppel (green), Mahogany (brown, tree), Malachite (green mineral), Ochre (brownish color), Phlox (purple flower), Saffron (yellow), and Vermillion (red)

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Wow, thank you so much! I really like Ray Huxley and Covyll. I wasn’t expecting you to put in so much effort to find me a name and it’s so cool that you did. Again, thank you so much, I’ll definitely be using one of the two. I really appreciate this.

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Wow, thanks! Those are all really awesome oml lol I think im going to use Rodion, again, tysm!!!


I need a name for this girl, she has strawberry blonde hair and hazel eyes. She is very smart, kind, but can be very sassy!
I would love a good last and middle name too! Thanks!


I'm looking for a last name for a set of brothers named Oliver and Miles, respectively. Oliver has wheat blond hair. Miles has navy blue hair and both brothers are pale-ish skinned and are nobles, sons of the clan leader. I'm looking for an ocean or water-related name.



There's another character who's spiritual and peppy and is the kind of girl to not swear. I'd like a name (first and last) that's metal or earth related. Her link: