forum How would your characters deal with corona virus and 2020?
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Would your character respect the 'mask' rule, or would they be an anti-masker? would they be out there rioting for BLM, peacefully protesting, or would they stay out of it? What would they think of the election? What would they think about how deadly the virus is?

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Honestly, Everyone in my real life universe are law abiding citizens, wear their masks (except Scott. Scott is anti-mask), most support BLM but don't go out and riot (xcept for Mitch) And everyone just vibes yknow. My Zelda universe on the other hand…

Everybody is dead. Everyone.
Except Jabun. He can't die. But he would be close.
My Zelda Universe is so gosh darn chaotic you see.

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Janna would wear his mask, he knows that the virus is like, an issue. He wouldn’t riot, very few people on the side of Black Lives Matter are rioting and most of that is to defame the movement, so he’d be peacefully protesting.

Janna’s husband, who I haven’t given a name yet, would not go out protesting as he would take social distancing measures seriously, but he would donate as much as he was able to the cause and to relief funds and such and so forth.

Face of Your Mirror would be actively trying to make others get COVID since it is a horrifying monster of chaos and does not care to keep others safe.