forum How would your character react to being on a billboard

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CLAYRSSA: hehe, yeah, i forgot to tell you about my photoshoot
GEORGE: disappears until a week after his photo was put down
CELESTIA : takes a million and 1 selfies with her photo in the background and boasts about it to anyone OMG guys i still cant belive im on a billboard! im practically famous (and in a sarcastic tone) don't talk to me peasants

love ya'll and make sure to stay hydrated!

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Charlie: used to it by now, but grimaces at the pic they used "Ugh. Never anything flattering."

Da'amiun: climbs up and draws a big swirly mustache on himself

Romulus: poses under it Somebody get a picture of this! remembers selfies are a thing and proceeds to take them for 10 minutes

Franklyn: looks confused and a bit concerned "What's that for? How did it get there? Anybody know why my face is up there?" anxious fidgeting

@JustALostM book

Francis: Wow. Society is going so bad they put on that dumb ass on the billboar- Oh wait
Lucas: Just Pulls out a chair and looks at it all day
Dylan: Looks around in shock and turns to Francis "Is this what it's like being a wanted criminal?"

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Mio: Oh Cool
Milikavoska Romanoff: Bylats I look better Than That

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Jamie: flustered as hell
andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer): ah geez another one
Paris and Sammy: takes selfies with the billboard, posting it on their social media with the caption "hey look ma, I made it!"
Savannah: *cursing in Spanish
they know too much now, time to kill some mfs

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Jay: confused Texan noises what the hell did I do-?
Goi: oh- uh- well then-
Noby: PFFT- takes a selfie and shows goi
Buba: …I’m not scary… pouts
Kiki: cant even see the billboard
Geo: hey my campaign worked-

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amethyst: "whhyyy???"
cloud: actually cries
terra: immediately skips town, effectively vanishing off the face of the earth.
vesper: forcible removal >:)
zephyr: "WHO. WHO DID THIS."
tricky: the only one to be cool with it. he's kind of royalty, in a way. he's used to it.
jess: "ew??"

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Caroline: I look ugly as hell-
Jordan: AYO I'M FAMOUS! Oh wait- that's another wanted poster. Nevermind!
Seth: proceeds to light the billboard on fire
Neveah: Oh wow! I wonder what I did to have this kind of treatment. I know it's kind of a sin, but I feel… better than all of you…
Sophia: takes a bunch of pictures of the billboard
Xavier: Woah! I'm famous!?