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I swear if my characters were influencers they would be canceled in a heartbeat

Sophie: won't apologize until she's canceled, Will say something like "I'm sorry if I offended/hurt you." "I'm sorry but I stand by my word."
Charlie: Will apologize immediately, and will behind over backward to accept every criticism (logical or otherwise)
Lucas: Won't apologize and just pulls a Nikita Dragun
Jax: Will ignore it
Matthew: Will pull an "I'm sorry if I offended you." aPoLoGy
Micheal: Nobelium Uranium
Ava: Won't apologize

Valerie: i'M fRoM tHe CoUnTrY i GoT A lOt Of AnGeR
Insato: Will pull a gabbie hana
Gaki: Goes full-on Nikocoda Avocoda
Alvis: Hate and Shame pt2
Otori: Goes Trisha Pastas
Tsumi: Pulls a Nikita Dragun

Hasuko: Will try to genuinely apologize (emphasis on try)
Kelly: Refuses to apologizes
Dawn: Pulls a Veronica Wang
Emma: Has a makeup-less, hoodie-wearing apology, says "I'm sorry if I offended you."
Terry: Apologies on twitter, Blames everything on cancel culture
Tori: Will own up to what she believes in and won't believe what she doesn't
Aaron: You're too sensitive, snowflake (Alpha Male Edition)
Darrell: Will do it last minute, "I'm sorry if I offended you."
Claire: Pulls a Laura Lee
Elijah: will pull a i'msorryforbreathing.mp4 touchdalight apology
Colton: Will genuinely apologize, probably cries a lot
Hunter: Won't apologize, in fact he'll make on video on why he won't apologize

Amber: "I've made a severe, continuous lapse of my judgment."
Logan: Will apologize and take accountablity like a good boi
Briar: "iaintsorry, fuckyou."
Noelle: i'M fRoM tRaNsYlVaNiA i GoT A lOt Of AnGeR
Blevin: Will apologize and do the cancelable act behind everyone's back
Lucien: cOnTiNuOuS LaPsE iN mY JuDgMeNt
Camille: Jame Charles-like apology

Janice: Automatically apologizes, starts crying a lot
Jane: Ok, I'm sorry
Alice: Won't apologize for anything
Jacob: Laura lee-tier apology
Elise: Will pull a JennaMarbles and leave
Alex: P O I N T T H E F I N G E R P U L L T H E T R I G G E R
Mavis: They're bullying me (Well, he is a 4-year-old)

Theo: Will clear up everything
Cleo: Will wait 3 months to apologize, has a "I'm sorry if I offended you."
Skylar: D A B O N T H E M H A T E R S
Elliott: Will take accountability, some accountability…
Felix: It was the lab
Drake: Will finally apologize near cancelation
Mia: Same as Cleo, but will actually make up for it

Crystal: Laura Lee pt2
Jaelynn: Sorry for killing your dad, Sophie
Tyler: Will make a diss track instead
Mason: Will actually apologize
William: LaPsE iN mY JuDgMeNt
Marionette: Pulls a Nikata Dragun
Duke: Looking for hoodie
Stepanie: Will just apologize