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I been binge-watching Love & Hip Hop lately and decide how would it happen if we have our character in a reality show

Example: Charlie, Sophie, Kelly, Emma, Dawn, Tori, Terry, Aaron, Darnell, Claire, Elijah, and Colton as the host.

Charlie: We'll probably go over him helping everyone and trying to redeem himself. He stays his same reserved self for the most part until Elijah picks a fight with him then he probably walks off stage pissed off.

Sophie: They'll go over her trying to be popular and adjusting to being a bind maiden. She probably doesn't get in any fights though she might get in an argument with Elijah on Charlie's behalf.

Kelly: She and Emma will probably go over her vandalism and how she's reformed, despite being scared of legal repercussions

Emma: She probably go over her sister's reformation, along with as her and Dawn's ongoing womance as well as the two of them constantly picking fights with each other to make the others life hell while fight off monsters. Then they'll cover her relationship with Elijah and his cheating scandal that happens soon after the show begins.

Dawn: She'll go over her delinquent clique and how she became a bit open-minded towards people despite being suspicious of them. She'll probably go over her and Aaron's ongoing feud. They might call a truce on their beef for the sake of the show.

Tori: She'll go over being a nobody and her struggles with being open with being transgender in highschool sometimes feeling like a freak. Then they'll cover her torrent relationship with her older stepbrother Terry

Terry: He'll go over his relationship with Tori and struggles with Tori becoming transgender, that's when Aaron cuts in and demands Terry to address his involvement with the flower monster scandal. He'll probably whine about it to an end and dance around the subject.

Aaron: He'll go over his former Jerk Jock-ish lifestyles, then they'll cover his involvement in the flower monster scandal which he'll probably take responsibility for it, he'll also go over his new romance with his childhood friend Darnell, and how they're happy now.

Darnell: He'll go over his relationship with Aaron and his planning to pursue a career in law after high school. He always makes snide remarks about Terry and his fake wokeness and his obsession with his sister Tori.

Claire: They'll go over her being involved with the flower scandal and dance around it, She might pick a fight with Aaron, calling him fake, through guards would break them up but the two of them would talk it out at the end.

Elijah: He'd make a surprise entrance, be a messy hoe, and pick fights with Charlie and his other enemy, Sophie.

Colton: He tries to keep everyone from fighting, emphasis on try, he struggles to ask questions and is overall timid

Hasuko: She's the security guard, She's just there to stop fights.