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So, Lyra’s little sister (that still hasn’t told me her name) recently revealed to me that she has Down syndrome, and I’m not sure how to go about writing her.
Canonically, she’s been dead for centuries, so while I want to understand her better and be able to write her well in the few scenes where she’s the main focus, I’ll mostly need to know how her being that way would affect her family members and the people around her, both negatively and positively.

I really don’t wanna mess this up, even if it’s only a small detail in the grand story.
What tips do y’all have? Are there any dangerous misconceptions I should be warned about? Do you have any research articles to link me, or good examples of downs in fiction writing?

I know very little about the condition, so any help is greatly appreciated! <3

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Watch Documentaries, do your research, read pieces about characters with T21. there are different severities of T21, some people can function normally and live on their own, while others need round the clock care. Really hone in on what type of T21 she has and remember that no 2 conditions are the same.

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I can't help you specifically with writing Down's syndrome, but with any sort of character you're unsure about writing about, do your research! I've been learning more about autism for a main character I'm writing, and just searching any questions you might have or things you're unsure about really helps. Learn about Down's syndrome itself, but it's also incredibly helpful to get the opinions of people who actually have it. Learn what tropes or stereotypes about it they dislike and avoid them, etc. It really all comes down to learning a lot about whatever you're unfamiliar writing.

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Yeah, there's really a broad spectrum of what Down syndrome can look like.
I don't know a ton about it, but I do have a cousin with it. He is nonverbal and will never be able to live on his own, but of course, there are plenty of examples of people who can do those things.
Definitely second that you need to research a lot.