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Yeah combining names are cool but you know whats cooler? weirdly specific names that cant be mistaken for another ship. i have a ship of 3 characters that all have matching cat tattoos so they're "Kit3". Not as thrilling as 'Ham Sammich' but its the best example I have. Give the characters a niche name that really stand out and also makes people go 'huh? 😃'

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I like what the RWBY fandom does by making ship names based on the characters’ aesthetic and/or colors. All the ship names sound like a perfume flavour e.g. Bumblebee, White Rose, Black Sun, Nuts and Dolts, etc etc

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personally, shoving names together never really worked for me, so I like to do the shoving aesthetic things together, but also half the time I bullshit words until they sound good.
my speedster character & their slightly-car obsessed boyfriend are burning rubber, my very sun x moon couple just kinda became eclipse, that kinda thing! best of luck tho!

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Honestly, I either mash names together or find a working word. best examples I have are PJO/HOO ships, "Lightning McLean" (Jason Grace son of Jupiter/Zues and Piper McLean daughter of Aphrodite) "Frazel" (Frank and Hazel) "Caleo" Calypso and Leo" Percabeth" (percy and annabeth) "Solangelo" (Will Solace and Nico Di Angelo)
So mixing first names or last names, or finding something that just…fits.