forum How Do I Slow Down the Opening up of my Character?
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So, I've noticed that when I RP, or write Inge ral, I go I to it with this mindset and personality set for a charcter, that they find it hard to trust and open up to people.

But I've noticed that, as I do this, I still make my character open up and trust the first person they come across.

How can I prevent this from happening?
Or is this something I'll just have to pay close attention to and be careful to keep my character closed off and slowly hiding that trust?
Any help on how I can do this?

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I think it's gonna be something you'll have to pay close attention to if it doesn't come naturally.
When I write closed-off characters, I try to put myself in their shoes. I take into account their background, which shaped their personality, and why they wouldn't be open to others.
It also depends on what kind of characters they interact with. Maybe they're more prone to gravitate toward certain personalities, and be less spikey when talking to someone they find are a lot like them.

Usually, people who aren't trusting of others don't talk a lot. They mostly keep to themselves, maybe even find it suspicious when someone comes up to them and tries to strike up a conversation.
I guess you would have to study why someone acts a certain way. You can be friendly and polite to someone without trusting them. Or you could be silent and avoidant- being more isolated.

Think, if someone you didn't like came up to you and started interacting with you, how would you react? Sometimes you have to pull from your own experiences to write something for your characters if you want to make them believable. Think like your character and stick to that, it's kind of hard because sometimes you just want one character to have a relationship with another right away, but it takes time for trust to develop if that's the goal.

If you have any questions about what I said feel free to ask, I'd be happy to clarify. If that didn't help at all then I apologize, sometimes it's hard to put thoughts down and make them sound coherent.

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Im not sure if this is much help, but with closed of characters (at least my ones lol) are very hesitant. They think of opening up, opening their mouths to say something, then getting scared and saying nothing. They avoid most people and are often not one to start conversations.
A character who trusts easily is more likely to speak than someone who doesn't because that lack of trust inherently comes with self-consciousness in one way or another.
A character may come off cocky and confident, sort of like a mysterious person who doesn't trust, but that wall they put between them and others is out of fear of being hurt; they fear that they may not survive being hurt again, which is a form of self-consciousness.

That being said, it really depends on the personality of the character, because they may have trust issues but also be very forgiving and impressionable, which would lead them to be more lenient than a character whos callous and mean, you know?
Does this make sense?