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My main character is super oblivious, and he ends up with this girl who he has known for eight or nine years. But he legitimately has no idea that she liked him or even that he would like her back if he thought about it. How do I show him subconsciously getting feelings for her without realizing?

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I would go with him describing her now and again as one way to do it. When he doesn’t have feelings, the descriptions would be very platonic and generic and as he gradually takes a liking to her romantically, the descriptions become more elaborate and romantically inclined. That’s just one way….

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Yeah, also I think he will start showing through his actions how he cares about her more and more and is willing to sacrifice more for her—like asking how she's doing regularly, knowing by experience if she's upset, freaking out more than usual if she's in trouble, etc. (This behavior also has the added bonus of making their relationship cute and believable within the story, even before it's official.) At first he'll probably tell himself it's just because they're best friends, and there's nothing romantic about his actions. If he's super oblivious, he won't realize the truth until somebody spells it out for him. Hope that helps! ^^


I've always heard 'to be loved is to be known'. Now your character knows this girl for a long time right?
You could (for example) have her get the flu or something, and him as a friend in the supermarket trying to decide which soup to get her, like; "Yeah she likes tomatosoup a lot, but they don't have the one with taugé, so I better get the chickensoup because that has taugé."

This is a bit of a dumb example, but what i'm trying to get at is that the love interests in this case really likes taugé, so he tries to find something with that in it to make her feel better.
You could do this in numerous situation, like when they're at an ice-saloon and she says she wants chocolate, he can point out they have mango too- her favourite.

It shows thoughtfullness, but don't do it too obvious or cringy

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He could also start to sub-concisely start to feel only and notice that he no longe likes doing thing that he used to without her or even having her be near him will make him happyer then anything else. idk I'm just spitballing hope this helps even a tiny bit