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Your characters got roped into doing Christmas (or relevant winter-solstice-adjacent holiday) karaoke! What do they sing? Here are some examples:

Naomi and CJ duet "Fairytale of New York." This is not the first time they've done just that; as a result, they absolutely crush it.

Brandee sings "Drive The Cold Winter Away." She found a metal cover and translated it into Spanish and Mandarin.

Kieron decided to tackle "Rebel Jesus." He had to psych himself up beforehand, tripped over the words a little at one point, and was brick-red for the remainder of the song.

Talula found something composed by voluntarily and exuberantly syncretist xenosophonts that translated to something humans could enjoy, and presented that. Alternately: they were a total troll and covered "I Don't Know What Christmas Is," complete with the spinning-arm bit because her prosthesis can do that.

Okay; your turn!

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Lybra ropes Ali into duetting "Last Christmas", but Ali has never heard the song before and, seeing as he doesn't celebrate Christmas and doesn't really know what it is, he doesn't really try, resulting in a probably very drunk Lybra wailing the song off-key and an extremely monotone Ali singing it off-beat and on one note.

Elidi tries to sing "All I Want For Christmas (Is You)", and is actually extremely good at it. Her whistle notes aren't terrible for someone who never sings, and Robin and Ali are cheering her on the whole time as she belts good enough to rival Mariah herself.

Robin was dragged into a duet with Maggie of a rather incomplete rendition of the Ukrainian Bell Carol. Maggie also doesn't know what Christmas is, but they wanted to have fun, and they selected the coolest-sounding song they could find. Robin also doesn't care, but she's surprisingly good anyways. They are also likely drunk.

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Bront, the Grinch that he is, sings Christmas Wrapping by The Waitresses (“Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, but I think I’ll miss this one this year…”) except he misses out all the parts that talk about Christmas being good, like “But it is my favourite holiday”.

Kelly sings Santa Baby and does a shitty dance to it too. She probably gets Tatum to join her in singing Mary’s Boy Child/Oh My Lord by Boney M.

Fleur sings Underneath the Tree by Kelly Clarkson. She’s actually really good at it.

Drew ropes Bront into singing Fairytale of New York, since it’s an “Irish tradition” and they have to partake since they’re Irish. Bront sings Kirsty MacColl’s part and does the “in front of her kids and all!” thing.

Richie forces his brother James to sing Happy Xmas (War Is Over) with him. Richie sings Yoko/the choir’s part because he can hit all the high notes. James gives a less than unenthusiastic rendition of Lennon’s parts.

Ben sings Last Christmas and is definitely holding back tears the whole time.

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Saul manages to get Farah up on stage (gods only know how), and she sings Hey Santa! by Carnie and Wendy Wilson like an angel. Saul then sings both parts of Mr. Heatmiser while looking at Farah the entire time.

O’Hara fucking slays the song Christmas Vacation by Dominik Hauser and Katie Campbell, and it’s obvious she’s been drinking a bit.

Anna doesn’t go up willingly, but she performs a decent version of Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) by Mariah Carey before sitting back down quickly afterwards.

Cleopatra sings a seductive version of Last Night (I Went Out With Santa Claus) by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy while doing a sexy dance, and she nearly gets thrown out.

Adalyn has no idea how she ended up on stage and stumbles her way through Snowman by Sia.

Fleur sings Cozy Little Christmas by Katy Perry, and she does a pretty good job of it!

(I need people who know my characters to tell me if these are accurate lmao)


Hector: Jingle bell rock but he's staring at the words the entire time and it almost sounds like hes just speaking
Kenzo: It's the most wonderful time of the year but he's singing only to Hector ( or he would sing youre a mean one mr grinch and glare at silvia the whole time)
Silvia: Santa baby but everyone already left ( it's the only one I could think of)