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@NotSoBeautifulDiseaster group

Shy and timid beans. Even after my uwu soft phrase, shy characters still find a way into my heart. Probably because I am shy and timid, but I also find them cute and endearing. (Bonus points if they look super intimidating at first glance)

@sheabutter group

Witty sarcastic characters always have my heart instantly. just the really funny ones who sum up situations perfectly with a single dry remark and flirt with anyone and anything. just real cheeky lads. i love em. <3


Not sure if this 110% counts but any kind of extreme height difference with the short character being angy and tall character being soft….I just think its pretty neat fam

@LiteralCyborg group

Inhuman characters who don’t know how to human and their counterpart, who is either another inhuman who’s just as confused, or a human trying to teach them how to exist. There’s just something so endearing about these dynamics, I just love them.