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Pretty self explanatory lol. Just share an idea you've had that you thought was either really dumb or funny.

I had an idea to do one of those tiktok stories, where is a typical high school drama, but it's with the English monarchy. Like class clown Charles the second, principle William the conqueror and bug today goth gf lizz the the second

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My favorite dumb ideas that I had (aka my eighth/ninth grade writer self trying to be edgy)
(also I was really into high-school trope stuff as well)

  • High-school trope subversion but make it questionable. The preppy bubbly cheerleader is actually a mafia boss, the emo poetry nerd is actually a mother figure to her dying younger sister, and the buff jock man is actually gay and his boyfriend is the captain of the chess team.
  • More high-school trope subversion, but much less detail! A queer poly ship between the basic prep, nerd, and jock, and it barely works.

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Drags out a huge box of files
My younger self was a little cursed, tbh. I was also an avid writer who loved starting new projects but never finishing them. My old story ideas include:

  • A typical magical school trope where the different "houses" were Good, Evil, Elemental, Tech, and Prankster. Except each house name was unpronounceable gobbledygook. The Good and Evil houses were hereditary enemies and had to be kept separated, even though the Evil students were technically being "reformed". The main character was in the Prankster house and his only redeemable traits were his kleptomania and his sense of humor (which, looking back, was incredibly lacking). I added a sideplot about an emo vampire kid and foreshadowed about a villainous teen who'd made a pact with a malevolent god, then dropped the story like a hot potato.
  • A story set on a different planet, where the most important cultural tradition was that giggly school girls got to start selecting their husbands at prom, and the guys had no say in it. Also they could date multiple guys, reverse harem style. And that's it, that's the whole plot. I had a snotty female lead and a bunch of diverse-yet-one-dimensional male love interests all picked out. I blame bad-quality anime shows for that one.
  • A story about a guy who's just so sad all the time. Like, so sad. He makes a deal with a god to get all his memories removed but…..he's still sad. And now he has to do the god's housecleaning on top of it. (Currently trying to reboot that one, it is a struggle lemme tell ya)
  • Your average guy-meets-girl, except the girl is a naive, sheltered, self-deprecating fugitive of her home country who wields cursed weapons and got framed for murdering her whole family….and the guy is a beach town prettyboy scumbag who got hired to seduce befriend the girl so his evil boss can use her deadly powers to….do something, idk. Kill people I guess. Plot twist: the boy is the main character and younger me tried my darndest to make him likeable. I failed. Every time I re-read that story, I notice yet another toxic detail about their relationship and want to give 14-year-old me a stern talking-to. (Double plot twist: For some ungodly reason I thought it was smart to let my mom read that story when I first wrote it. I now understand why she seemed so deeply concerned TvT)
  • Kid named Dagger Blood gets trapped in a cursed monster-hide jacket and has to protect his village from danger, except now his village hates and fears him. I drew a design for the jacket but holy moly it's ugly.
  • High school guy with anger issues attracts the attention of a monstrous feral catgirl, they beat up the entire local police force and elope together. Catgirl is borderline abusive. They're both 14.
  • A horse…..but it's evil.
  • A story called Insane Academy where you go to boarding school to become insane. (Idk anymore)
  • A military/police group in the mountains that operates solely on skis. The rebels were speed-skiiers hiding in caves. I fell in love with a side character and lost track of the plot. The country next-door used snowboards and the two groups hated each other.
  • The obligatory "mutant children trying to escape a cruel corporation" story, except the main character saw the main villain as a father-figure and they never really escaped. Again, got distracted by a sideplot where one of the evil henchmen helped another henchman deal with an addiction and mental health issues. Oddly wholesome.
  • And finally, the adventures of an eccentric young inventor and his handsome, long-suffering bodyguard. Twas a little gay. Mostly they had to deal with an old enemy of the inventor: a crazy murderous urban legend with a penchant for sewing and a paralyzing fear of the color purple. 50% of the story is a flashback showing the bad guy's tragic past. Fun fact: the bad guy was also the principle of the Insane Academy. Small world!

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One time I came up with an idea for a short story that was basically about a guy who wanted to kill himself by travelling back in time and spending the day at Action Park. I might still write it some day just for fun.

Also, my first ever idea for a novel was really stupid, even if I didn't think so at the time. Basically it was about a girl named Shadow who lived in our world but was actually from another world called Nar (which makes her a "Narian" which is only one of several examples of blatant plagiarism). Narians could turn into an animal that was supposed to represent their personalities, but somehow all the characters except the villains could turn into horses despite having wildly different personalities. This ability also had very little emphasis on the plot.
Anyways, I had like 7 books planned and all of them followed the exact same format. Basically Shadow or one of her friends would be kidnapped by my group of villains who were called the Midnight Guardians (not to be confused with the Guardians of Night from the Edge Chronicle books). The Midnight Guardians seemingly served no purpose except to make things miserable for Shadow and her friends, and all the Narians were afraid of them even though they were mostly made up teenagers. Anyways, the Guardians ran this "inescapable prison" and in every book Shadow and her friends would break into it and rescue their friend. You'd think that maybe after like the 1st or 2nd time the Guardians would tighten security but no. And that happened for 7 whole books.
The end.

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None of these are as stupid as my idea for a guinea pig who could see and sense ghosts because of their heightened senses. My guinea pig used to get spooked all the time when he was just a little pup and I was like "wow that would be SO CUTE" and it'd be kind of funny to write now, but ultimately a stupid ass idea.

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Bruh… bro… it wasn't exactly stupid but it was incoherent and messy. I was 11-14 and my grasp on plot progression and character building was garbage.


So it starts with this sorceress named Lyn who's job is to detain and control malevolent magical entities that threaten humans. There is the human world (normal earth) and her world (magic stuff). She has a son named Doc. Oh goodness Doc. So Doc is not her biological son, he is a sort of magically engineered humanoid reptilian creature. The template species of his creation is the Lucerto (which if I remember correctly is Latin for lizard cause im so smart) and are incredibly dangerous creatures that basically eat magic and is fatal to sorcerers/ witches/ magicians/whatever.
Anyway, this sounds like a decent story set up right? A sorceress and her lizard son detain monsters and spirits or whatever and do that yeah? Get into conflict and resolution/ scenarios, yeah? Real simple? Nah homie, I made this way more complicated than any story had any right to be.


Their first job at that point of the story is to get a handle on this wolf that attacked a butcher shop. They find the wolf and its revealed that he was stealing some meat for his pregnant mate. The wolves, who talk, reveal that they are not wolves, they are a species called Humanimals (CAUSE IM SOOO SMART) and they can become human if they want. Also, they had some CRING ASS NAMES. Not just CRINGE ASS. CRINGE WEEB ASS. It was literally "Lightening Hane" and "Shina Moon." I named my damn wolf/human ocs, LIGHTENING BLADE AND DEATH MOON. I could never be cooler.

Okay but yeah, new characters, some conflict, a bit of a moral dilemma, nothing too crazy yet.



So the wolf (im not tying that name again) is like, "yo there's this a-hole demon thing not far from here and i hate him lets go fight him." And Lyn's like Okay so they go see this demon to fight it and sure enough, heres ANOTHER species I made up. To continue this train wreck, this demon isn't actually a demon (kind of) he's an Akuma. No, I do not watch D-Gray Man, that was a whole coincidence. But the Akuma (WHO'S NAME WAS "DEMON" BEFORE I MADE IT "DAMON" CAUSE I HAVE SOME SELF CONTROL) is this short, black furred creature who can also talk and communicate. As of the time I'm writing this, I JUST remembered that Akuma are based on the damn Chao from the Effing Sonic Games. Holy Crap. But yeah just imagince a black Chao but more demonic I guess.

I'm gonna skip some details but after some time of talking? fighting? the Akuma police show up. Now I know what you're thinking. "What the heck??? Aren't they demons?? Why is there a police force??" So the Akuma are violent, aggressive, and destructive, but they have organized societies. Like legit, they just do. Just like a human world, there's an Akuma world. So the Akuma police force that came has three Akuma and one of them is wearing a cloak and hood. Demon or Damon whoops ALL THEIR ASS except the cloaked one. Meanwhile Lyn, Doc, and the wolves are like "damn should we leave or smth?" but then a GIGANTIC FKIN WOLF THE SIZE OF A BUILDING COMES IN, EATS THE TWO RANDOM ASS AKUMA, AND THEN NEARLY KILLS EVERYONE AND LEAVES.
So everyone is like "???????????????????????" but then the hooded Akuma is like "yep that was Gluttony" and everyone just "???W???H???O???" and they're like "yeah so Damon, you're a criminal and all but we need your help to get the Personifications of The Seven Deadly Sins cause they're outta control and wrecking shop."

So yea. We went from "mother-son duo subdues evil creatures" to "hey. you all gotta fight Sin." At this point Doc is like, "hey we should just get outta here cause this is above our pay grade" and Lyn's like ">:0!!! That's not nice!! We gotta help em!!" Which makes things sooo convoluted.

I gotta stop here cause this story was so complicated. It went into depth about Humanimals and Akuma and Sorcerers and Lucerto, it was like six stories in one that were sloppily stitched together with floss. The core problem with this story is that I had too many ideas and instead of just, you know, making another story, I would dump it into this one narrative cesspool of original ideas, poorly executed tropes, and Genuine Wackery. A lot of the inspiration for this story was literally song lyrics. Dead ass. I actually did try and retcon this whole thing into an actual structured narrative (Took out the concept of Humanimals, Focus shifts from Lyn and Doc to the Akuma, Expanded on logic and magic systems and lore) but it was all seriously too clunky and sluggish, even with all the trim. The Akuma are the real star of the show, they were the most featured and explored species and were just cooler, so I tried to make them the central focus, but I still had too much trouble organizing it. Also it was gritty and edgy and kinda gory. These lil Chao lookin mfs could smack a mf up lemme tell ya.
Anyway, this story holds a special place in my heart and a few characters still vibe with me to the present day. It's a cringe and lame story, but i love it cause its MY cringe and lame story.

My apologies for the length, you don't have to read this I just wanted to ramble. Have a nice day.

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I had an idea for a fantasy world, where the magic system is determined by youth. The younger you are, the stronger your abilities. And so the world is run by baby overlords and their adolescent vassals/retainers. While a group of retired heroes try their hand at getting the world back from young hands. The only problem? They're all as old as the hills and they all lack the abilities they once had. Though through perseverance and wit, they might just be able to win the Generation War.

Dumb, I know, but my sister and I laughed so hard when I presented this idea. (It came up during the topic of how all Isekai stories are more-or-less just fantasy stories where the protag dies in the beginning. From there, all fantasy world. That, and the fact that most don't have a plot that stands out.)