forum Come take a quiz and find out what Eastside character you are !!
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I usually do these quizzes for my characters, so yeah. Onward.
Myself: Eric Doe

Goldergon: ???
‘Evil laughing’. He’s the most bloodthirsty character I have! It fits hims so well! ‘More evil laughing’

Lucitius: Eric Doe
It works, though he’s a demigod and hellaciously mentally unstable.

De Tearion: Eric Doe
De Tearion is indeed a leader, and a pure gentleman when he’s not provoked, but he would much rather be a solitary hermit. He was a warlord until events made him leave, and he is emotionally unstable, mainly in regards to rage and crying.

Malcolm: ???
Yeah, he’s an evil old man, to put it very, very nicely.

Synthia: Eric Doe
She’s more of a Queen Consort type, but she’s a very motherly individual. She tends to those around her and keeps Lucitius, her husband, stable.

Phalakros: Dennis Dobre
Haha, a trend breaker! This pretty much fits him, though it takes him a while to bounce back. He’s a jittery sort.

Ghar’Teus: Eric Doe
Yeah… yeah. He’s a nomadic hermit though, and a walking fireball.

Mileena: Jack Percy
Definitely. Though, she’s an only child.

Nwalan: Jay Sheppard
He may not necessarily be a pyro, but he’s definitely a troublemaker. He’s also fiercely loyal to De Tearion and will follow him anywhere.
‘Thumbs-up’ Pretty neat, though I unfortunately have never heard any of the songs. I know a couple songs from Stone Temple Pilots, so that’s my default.

I have noticed a trend here. ‘Glancing around’. I do a lot of similar characters.

I might do some others later, but I’ll do it on another post. By the way, none of my characters are human… except Malcolm and Mileena. ‘Big sly grin’

And… sorry for the length. I love doing these quizzes.

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I tried this out for my characters :)
Theo Asimi - Memphis Vadas
Mito - Memphis Vadas
Iliot Thelgo - Jack Percy
Thala - Eric Doe
Touil Thelgo - Colton Dawson
Vota - Craig Daniels
All of these were fairly accurate aside from Mito, which is pretty neat!
When I took it, I got Jack Percy - I think it's kind of accurate for the most part

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Some more characters, because why not?
Kyliin: Eric Doe
Very fitting. (I’ve got a lot of Eric Doe characters apparently)

Sacred Serpent: ???
Very fitting for this hellaciously enigmatic character. Sacred Serpent isn’t even his real name.

Ōn’nyosh: Jay Sheppard
Yes! He’s a full-blown jester and a theif on the side. He is rarely ever not in some sort of trouble, but he always has a smile when he’s running away from a mob.

Teva: ???
Grey area. She’s an unsociable half-orc cleric that can control the weather, and likes lightning, but she fairly mild-mannered if you catch her in a good mood.

Shirija: ???
Yeah. She’s another half-orc cleric, but she’s also a freak cannibal. However, she’s very friendly to allies and often offers to make them her ‘special soup’.

Alexandra: Shane Pool
Fits. She’s a Court Sorceress and Healer, and the Princess is like a daughter to her. Though, she has a fiery streak in her.

Kierthēl: Eric Doe
A fitting successor to De Tearion, his father.
I apologize for the length again. I’m addicted to these quizzes, if you can’t tell.

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Ima do myself and some of my characters, cause why not!

  • Me : Jay Sheppard
    Yup. Makes sense.

  • Colby Ryfften : Jay Sheppard
    I knew that Colby would get Jay too. She was heavily inspired by myself. She's a pyromaniac who accidently sets things on fire with her abilities far too often. She's a bit of a chaotic demon with some serious sarcasm issues.

  • Haru Akahoshi : Jack Percy
    YES. Tsukuyomi is the sweetest. He's very oblivious to things and has major golden retriever vibes.

  • Donna Bianchi : Colton Dawson
    Oh yeah. She's real sassy and snarky. She's loves creating mayhem and pretending that she doesn't care about people, but she really does. She also hates the thought of being hated by people.

  • Cue : ???
    Yup. My blood god reincarnation definitely fits that description. He's simply here to abuse his powers and inflict fear into his enemies.

  • Dmitri Kieu : Dennis Dobre
    That sure makes sense! Dmitri is one hell of a loyal dude!

  • Zadia Graves : ???
    This just made me realize how similar my characters Cue and Zadia are and how much I want to write a scene of these two fighting . . .