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Savannah: looks around confused before realizing and punching the person in embarrassment
andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer): smiles as he wraps his arm around Savannah's waist
Paris and Sammy: turn towards one another and starts flirting heavily

Amarya: blushes brightly and hides behind a glaring Carlos
Carlos: smiles awkwardly as he explains he has a girlfriend
Lenna: playfully flirts back until the person makes more advances. Then somehow those people go missing

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Naveil: "See, that's funny, because I could've sworn I never asked."

Rhiv: "What."

Curren: (nervous explanation that she's been married to Rhiv for the past forever and it's going so-so-so well, and you wouldn't believe how many times somebody has tried to hit on her, and she's not trying to be mean, but she has to say no, and is she rambling? she's probably rambling. sorry about that. so anyways-)

evrfighter language

Tsuki: Would flirt back with said person and definitely take over to make advances. However she would more than likely ditch them by morning depending on if it was a stranger or friend

Nio: Would escort them to Tsuki so they leave him alone

Lio: It would more than likely go over his head and he'd brush it off. That, or Nio would catch said person and toss them into the sea for going after his younger brother.

Orochi: Would shut that down without hesitation

Oroshi: Depending on the person, would either flirt back or cut off the conversation.


Serena: Yeah. Not today. Walks away
Vanessa: Uhm, i´m sorry. I don´t wanna hurt your feelings but i´m aroace… I´m really sorry…
Jessie: Get the fuck away from me.
Anne: I´m not interested, sorry.
Danna: Does not get a single hint
Noah: My deepest apologies, but i got a couple. I hope we can keep on being friends.
Sophie: Nope. Walks away.
Willow: UHHH, GUYS HELP!!! Runs away.

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Lucitius: Just glares at the flirting one until they shut up, then huffs. I am already wed. Leave me be. Walks away without another glance at the person

Phalakros: Completely clueless for the first fifteen minutes, then finally realizes what’s going on, abruptly screams, and runs away…

Ōn’nyosh: Well, hello there! Starts flirting right back, almost instantly taking over. Proceeds to smooth-talk his way through flirtation into seduction, then leads the one who had started flirting to his hotel room to ‘continue flirting’…

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Grace: marries them, divorces them, and manages to run away with their money, inheritance and future.
Fearghas: Probably busy and politely nodding along and trying to wave them off
Inez: "that's nice :) anyway" (and she completely changes the subject)
Aviv: falling for them
Berenice: flirting back, only for fun
Valery: ( trying to show his wedding ring) "I have a wife waiting for me"
Siobhan: (in a full suit of armor) "I'm afraid I must fulfill my duty before making or accepting advances, sir."
Vulture: confusedly says "thanks, you too" to every complement
Micah: acknowledges it and carries on the conversation as normal

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Adding onto this:

Bracke: (would 1000% play into it to boost her ego, but there's no way anything is coming out of it, romantic or not)

Firelily: "I've got a boyfriend, y'know, and he'll knock your teeth out. Assuming I don't first."

Fernleaves: (very much flustered, but not interested at all) "Haha, no."


darcy- is oblivious
tyler- "who da fauck-"(terrible european accent, that he fakes when he's nervous.)
dani- stares at them blankly while trying to think of how to properly interact with them, without being rude.
peirce- lights them on fire
rusty- politely tells them he doesn't "dig" them.
wren- doesn't even do anything before stormi screams "creepy BASTARD!" and chops their head off with a sword (wren is nine)
stormi- smiles sweetly while telling you to fuck off

Sophie Woodenapple

Lucy: deflects and changes topic
McKenna: flirts back but doesn't mean it
Lucas: deflects if a lady, blushes furiously if a gent
Aria: won't spare you a glance
Stella: smiles sweetly and goes back to practising her instrument

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Caroline: Cool… Goes back to playing Animal Crossing on her Nintendo Switch
Genesis: I'm… I'm ten…
Jordan: I'll give you five seconds to run before I beat your ass for that depressing attempt at flirting cracks knuckles
Neveah: Sweetly kicks you in the crotch
Seth: Sprays spray-paint in your eyes my bad does it again
Sophia: smiles and puts a glock to your head
Xavier: That was a poor attempt at flirting-


(Idk names yet lol)

Protagonist: doesn't realize he is being flirted with is nice.

Fallen goddess: laughs at the funny mortal thinking you are in her league.

Antagonist(pre redemption): ignores you
Antagonist(post redemption): awkwar doesn't know what to say.

Enchantress: flirts back.

Cursed magician: flirts back

Pirate scrunkly: flirts back even worse than you.


Melody: doesn't get it at first Oh! Sorry, I kinda have a girlfriend.
Lemon: Pointing at Melody I got a girlfriend, go away
Lola: Ha, didn't know you were such a cheesy flirt!
Zach: I don't do flirting or relationships, if you wanna fuck, then just say so, hun
Chase: I have a boyfriend..Glances at Zach, bc his delulu ass thinks him and Zach are a thing
Magma: I'm twelve you pedo ass bitch Lights you on fire
Liane: Oh, your kind, but I don't really do…that sort of thing (Aroace). I'd love to be friends, though.
Klaus: Your into villains or something, right? Sorry to burst your bubble, but I'm taken.
Strava: Sorry, I'm dating big sexy snake man. Latches onto Klaus's arm


(not taking counts of their canon relationships)

Savika(bi ace): What do you mean by that? confused, glares at the person trying to flirt with her.
Florian(pan): flirts back
Azriel(aroace):they take everything you say too literally

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Pazia: Depending on the setting, she'll either play along (because she has a mission) or she'll instantly shut it down by saying "not interested".
Abel: Rolls their eyes, gives off heavy hints that they are not into it, will threaten with a knife or just very colorful threat if someone doesn't get the hint.
Rhyda: If it's a guy, she'll punch him in the ribs, if it's a girl, she'll probably go along with it, smiling and flirting right back. If it gets far enough, she'll offer a cigarette and extend an offer to go somewhere quieter
Shea: Instantly takes her opportunity to roll with it. She might not be serious about actually having a relationship with whomever, but she's down to at least have a night of fun with someone who wants to stick around her.
Grace: Heavy blushing, unsure of exactly how to respond. Tries her best to reciprocate but she's terrified of embarrassing herself. Might just get up and leave out of shear awkwardness.
Felix: oh absolutely turns his manwhore meter to 12. starts reciprocating in earnest, distracting the other with sweet/suggestive gestures while his other hand pickpockets them. typically leads to a night together and then Felix leaving in the morning without even remembering the person's name, but hey, he got a sweet new watch out of it
Bianca: "leave me alone." is not above splashing her drink in their face
Drew: doesn't really process any of it, most of the flirting going right over his head. his mind is in a thousand other places and the other eventually gives up because of how absent he is

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Josef is probably likely to just stare neutrally at the other person, uncertain of how to react. The third son of a king is still of noble origin, but usually doesn’t receive such attention due to his choice in activities. He’ll usually just respond neutrally in a way that is neither aggressive nor friendly, though could be taken as a bit cold to some people.
Post Zaluse, Josef might react with a mild bit of surprise, but hides it well. He becomes a bit more evasive and more eager to get away.

Zaluse probably just stares at them then goes on to ramble about their goals, which can seem a bit fanatical to some. They are aware of the other’s advances, but choose to ignore it. Having a 1000 year old monster tell you in depth about their plans to deal with their ancient enemy is bound to weird out most people. If that doesn’t work, and the person keeps pushing their luck, Zaluse is not above demonstrating a small amount of Aeth Beast power.

Kyrios before his family might not realize what’s going on at first. You might have to straight up tell him what you’re doing, and if that wasn’t enough, you also have to explain what flirting and love is to him. He may understand the concepts, but he’ll proceed to shut you down rather gently all things considered. A stern “No.” And if you ask him, “What?” He’ll respond, “That’s not what I feel. For you.”
After his family, Kyrios will stare you down for a few seconds. Depending on his mood he might allow you to continue on, but he wont engage you. If he’s feeling particularly stressed or upset, he may threaten you (without saying much, but the tone of one’s voice can say a thousand words)

If you managed to get close enough to Istrad to flirt with her without dying of Aeth exposure, well done. But she’ll probably kill you if you’re a human or non-Aeth beast. If you are Aeth-something adjacent, she may just decide to experiment on you instead.

If they’re a man, Tomila just smiles and shakes her head, “Not interested.” If they push despite that, she’s not against threatening with a few of her weapons, but she’s unlikely to kill…
If they’re not a man, Tomila will listen, and continue to engage them to see how they go. She’ll be studying them all the while, seeing if their intentions are genuine or not. She’ll offer a smile that actually reaches her eyes this time.

If they’re a woman, Blazh will politely decline, clarifying that he’s not interested. If they continue to push, Blazh will try to avoid harming them, even though he possesses the means to defend himself if he really needs to. He’s more likely to leave and inform others about this person’s behaviour rather than escalate.
If they’re not a woman, much like his sister Blazh will entertain them, though he’s a bit slow to cozy up to folks, much more wary of their hidden intentions should they have any.

Siirawyn before the tree incident is likely to realize what they’re doing gradually. He won’t be certain how to respond, and is most likely to simply respond with “Oh. Hm.” while glancing off to the side. A tinge of redness might be seen to his cheeks.
after the tree incident, he’ll quite literally ignore you. No reaction aside from a slight glance. He’s like Kyrios…focused on that grind (for him the grind is leading his ‘group’ of Aeth users in revenge against all those who wronged him and them)
I’m not sure why you’d be flirting with him in Aeth beast form, but, I mean… He’s most likely to slowly turn his head down at you, let out a slight hum that sounds more like a quiet growl in the back of his throat. His head might tilt, then, he’ll finally say, “I am not interested.”

dinosaur cookie

kika: plays along for a while. "look, sweethart. i'm flattered. but i'm taken, i'm afraid."
xander: flirts back without even realizing he's flirting.
brian: stutters and looks at xander for help.

@maglo-the-stressed-person language

Raiki: Um, I'm ace, sorry! If you wanted to be friends still, we can. but I think you're trying to flirt with me so, thought I'd let you know in advance.
Isa: Has no idea how to react to any positive social interaction

An anomolus writer

Hound: Oh, that's nice of you to say
Miho: Piss off
Kemuri: Hound? Are they flirting with me?
Aster: Yes, thank you, now go away, I have work to do
Katsumi: Blushes
Vinessa: Uh, thanks?
Masako: This some kind of tactic to haggle a price? Buy something or get out
Haruki: Don't even try any of that
Haruki if flirted with Masako: Blushes and is on the verge of fainting


Sam: Uh….You might want to run.
Bea: Get your ass away from my girlfriend.

Cade: Um…runs away in embarrassment

Aria: Well, hey there.

Cam: Hi! You want to see what I've been working on painting?

Lexius group

Lez: Um, goodbye-

Lex: Hm? Oh, you like to flirt with strangers? Ok. Literally takes a few steps back and lets Viz quite literally kill them. Well that was fun!

Viz: Literally just attacks, especially if someone flirts with Lex.

Derio: Um…. Czeri..? There's another one-

Czeri: WILL attack anyone who comes within arms length of Derio.

Czeri(own reaction): No.

Kizir and Chaz: Looks at each other and walks away. (Couple goals)

Bezir: Oh…. Can't handle flirting and just hides behind Hailey.

Hailey: I know I'm pretty but no thanks.

Hailey (protecting Bezir): No.


Axel: Lex… what do I do? This has never happened to me before… Axel blushing furiously…