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Jack Grapes (screenplay writer) says three details he goes to are:

  • food storage (whether that's a fridge or cupboard, is this character the type to label and organize everything by expiry date and meal plan/prep on Sundays…or do they keep milk for so long that it turns green?)
  • medicine cabinet (is this the first-aid kit of a disaster prepper, and/or allergy prone, diabetic, asthmatic, or are all medicines replaced with cosmetics?)
  • bookshelf, what's on it? (I think this can also apply if their setting has an oral tradition, which sagas or songs are their favorites and they never get sick of?)


  • I've made "arc" a category, and then under the page, I have three things to fill in: how they start, their turning point, and how they end. This helps me make sure I know how my characters will change and grow.
  • Under the "nature" page I add MBTI and Enneagram as a category. These are super helpful!
  • I have a "mannerisms" category, and then under that I put general, happy, sad, angry, afraid, and "tells" when lying.
  • I also have a "favorites" category where I put things like favorite season, color, etc.
  • And lastly, I do a "trivia" page where I put random things like their playlist, who they're inspired by, hogwarts house, etc.

@Fenris-Wolf group

  • I made a "Health" category where I added 4 sections labeled, Mental Health, Physical Health, Addictions, and Allergies.
  • Like @/Blossom_Utonium did, I made a category for their "Favorites".
  • I added a "Style" category and added 5 sections labeled, Shirts, Pants, Jackets, Shoes, and Accessories.
  • I added an "Interests" category with sections, Hobbies, Talents, Likes, and Dislikes.

Hopefully this helps you out a bit.