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Look I'm in pain and this concept sounds fun.

Fairly simple, take AUs and put your characters in them,

Also, I find this exercise good for fleshing out characters for some reason, maybe it's putting their personality through a different scenario to see other sides you missed or whatever

Some common AUs include-

  • Coffee Shop AU
  • Doctor AU (My favourite)
  • Fantasy AU
  • Paitent AU
  • Some variant of soulmate AUs.

I'll post an example :) xx

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Eastside (Coffee Shop AU)

A street gang and Starbucks, what's not to love!! They definitely work at a Coffee shop in a suspicious alleyway somewhere, but make some of the best coffee in town. Eric's the manager, and hes the type of manager that doesn't care as long as you look like your working. Various middle aged woman have called the cops on him, mostly cause his brain is tiny and doesn't have the paitents to do anything them tell them to fuck off. The sentence "can I speak to the manager?" makes him want to punch a wall. Memphis is the favourite, by both corporate and customers alike. He's incredibly charismatic, and it lends him well with the women. However, he's more interested in 80s band on their shirt then their tits. Corp like him cause he's simply good at his job. Shanes is trying really hard to be like Memphis. Not with the ladies, he couldn't care less, he's more preoccupied with figuring out how Memphis makes the little faces in the lattes. It genuinely upsets him that he can't figure it out, that he's been outsmarted by Memphis of all people. Hes not very much loved by customer, he's quite frigid and won't server you if you don't say please. Jay, on the other hand, loves the customers. He's racking but a pile of numbers he's collected and displays them like they're trophies. He sucks at making coffee, and has been banned from making hot drinks for reasons the court says he's not to talk about. He man's the milkshakes, and frequently gets the orders wrong, but he always gets away with it cause he's a ginger and looks 12. Craig, for the lack of a better word, hates his job. He hated to people and he hates coffee, he's only here to support his kitten. He's like one of those edgy teenagers that work at 711, but 22 and has a mortgage. Markus is the new recruit, having the Coffee shop be his first job. He gets stuck with janitorial duties most of the time, but every now and the Memphis sneaks him in to the kitchen and teaches him how to make iced coffees. Markus is good at his job, and Eric has a soft spot for him, so turns the other way when he catches him stealing a milkshake from Jays reject pile. Legally, Dennis and Jack can't work yet, so they often skip school to sit in the shop and play pokemon together, or simply talking. They're Jays favourite customers, complementing his milkshakes even if he gets the wrong milk. They usually show up to watch Markus work, or to piss Shane off by purposely pronouncing Pokemons names incorrectly. Sleepys there too! He usually huddles up in the corner of the shop and stares blankly out the window. Dennis goes to sit with him sometimes, but they never really speak. Most of the workers are scared of him, despite being twice his size, do they just let's him sit there. Jay hates him, cause something he'll slip a piece of paper to him asking for a chocolate milkshake with extra sauce. Jay still hasn't figured out what sauce he means. Then there's Colton, who doesn't work at the Coffee shop, nor frequents as a customer. He works for grubhub and everyone hates him. He's done nothing wrong, but they just don't like him. Sometimes Memphis talks to him, trying to ease the tension, but the glares from his coworkers throw the mood. Once he accidentally dropped a coffee and Eric near beat the shit out of him.

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I am very interested- and I shall assume that the first word is the name of the original story

Secrets hidden in moonrocks (Soulmate au)

Everyone always pitied Infano, for one reason or another, but usually because he supposedly "didn't have a soulmate". Even though it was..probably true, did they have to constantly point it out? Just because he didn't have a mark on his face, or his hands, or his arms, or really anywhere, doesn't mean everyone had to make a big deal. You see, everyone is born with a black mark wherever their soulmate will first touch them, and when that happens the mark will turn multicolored. But he didn't have one. And people LOVED theorizing that it was because he was, "A strange mix of species" No, Sandra, how do you even know that? He doesn't even look to different than everyone else. Despite the fact that he had a strange tail and grew taller than his mom by the time he was 10. Whatever, he's getting off track. Frankly, he's so tired of everyone patronizing him and being sympathetic over the fact that he "didn't" have a mark. But that..wasn't true, that he would find out when he asked his friend, Jay, to help brush his hair. He didn't think anything would happen, and he certainly didn't take into account over these past few years that his hair was dark black.

(Listen I tried-)

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This looks fun! I'll be trying out a doctor AU with 'Solis' even though I don't know much about hospitals :)

A group of lovable idiots from a fantasy story crossed with a hospital - what could go wrong? Not much actually.
Let's start out with Iliot. He's a happy-go-lucky nurse that all of the kids love and hands out stickers and lollipops whenever he gets the chance. He tries his best to keep a smile on his face even if he's down, but Laetus makes sure he takes it easy on those days. Laetus is also a nurse! Unlike Iliot, he's more on the chill side, and he's good at calming kids and parents down alike. A lot of kids like him for his horribly tacky scrubs and puns. He tends to be forgetful, but it usually isn't too much of a problem because Auran helps out when he can. Speaking of Auran, he writes everything down despite having an amazing memory. He works as a phlebotomist (drawing blood) and is really good at keeping conversations with patients to distract them from the needles. He always carries a coffee around in a hot pink tumbler his mom gave him and has a running rivalry with Aster on who's the kids' favorite. He once physically attacked Aster when he found out the other had swapped sugar with salt. Aster's a pediatrician by the way! He really likes sweets of all kinds and takes candy from the jar on the counter sometimes. When Mito (the grumpy receptionist) scolded him for it because they're for the kids dammit, he took it as a personal challenge to steal them whenever Mito's not looking. At one point, the jar completely disappeared, and Mito finally gave up on the condition that he can only take a limit of one per day. Though Aster took the compromise, it left June an enormous headache. June's a pediatrician that's been around longer than the others who is seen as a kind of boss figure. He has early gray hairs and is always tired. That doesn't stop him from being good at his job though. He's confident in answering parents' questions and absolutely hates paperwork. He refuses to drink coffee after crashing on the job that one time (he refuses to talk about it). In another part of the hospital, you can find Thala, a very laid back neurosurgeon (not on the job of course). He has very steady hands along with a high success rate. It's kind of scary how quickly he can switch from your next door neighbor lazily sitting on the balcony to a cold and stern professional briskly walking from one place to another. Thala's rumored to be dating the radiologist, Prince, but he will deny adamantly, claiming that he hates the other's guts. Prince shares the sentiment though everyone else agrees that they're in denial. Theo's a physical therapist who's always somehow cheerful and perky. He's really encouraging in everything but is willing to back down if anything goes too far. The others, consisting of Vota and Lyko work in the lab, analyzing blood and stuff.
That's all for now! :D

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Adding to the list of AU's with my favorites, in no particular order:

  • Steampunk AU
  • Noir Detective AU
  • Antiquity to Classical Civilizations AU's
  • Regency to Roaring Twenties AU's

  • Sorry, medieval/renaissance Shakespearean to Versailles Royaltycore clockpunk, you're not my favorites right now but I'm sure these can be somebody's favorites.

  • Space Opera or Futuristic/Cyberpunk AU
  • Post-Apocalypse Survival AU
  • Vampires
  • Gifted / Superheroes
  • Dystopia