forum Can you help me figure out this characters personality?
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@ElderGodSeeba petsbing bing 🐸

I've got his looks and past down, but I'm fully stumped as to the kinda person he is.

He's a ballerina who recently lost his father. He wasn't all that close to him, but he still took the loss hard and that really bothers him.

Heres his picrew

let me know if you need more info, this is about as much as my dead brain can think up atm.

@JustALostM book

Ohh, I see what you're going for! Well, If you're looking for flaws…After failing he gives up? The tiniest inconvenience bothers him? I'm really throwing ideas in the air.


OOOOO I have some idea's for strengths!

  • He is a wonderful friend, always forcing himself to be a good listener, especially when it comes to the friend talking about their dreams and ambitions

  • he likes to be the follower, though this isnt exactly a flaw or strength.

  • he can be stern when he has to be, and apologetic when needed.

  • He loves reading to his friends and telling them stories (which they love obviously)


i see him as someone who keeps everything to himself, and hates noise. he likes silence because it gives him peace. so hes pretty quiet and mature but he doesnt let it show.

oh wait, thats too much projection on my part