forum Can somebody tell me if this is a good idea?
Started by Nanuki

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So, i have many troubles making plots for books, cuz i usually have like many little ideas that idk how to Connect, but i had this idea. The point is, this aint the first time i get excites with one of this and after i realise the bad it was, or It was taken, or idk how to do It. So this is:

There is a group of angels and demons kids who always play together to cathc each other (el pillado in spanish, sorry). So when they grow up a bit (teens) they get expulsed from heaven/hell and lead to the conclusion that the only way to return is to die. But for make it a but amusant they decide to make like a chase were one of them tries to kill the other (they still are friends importante) Also there is a plot twist.

Sorry for my bad english


Go for it :) There are no bad ideas, unless it's offensive or hurtful to others. Honestly, that sounds like a fun time!