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I’m supposed to find fan art for my D&D campaign, but nothing quite looks right. I can give you a far too detailed description of my character, and I will be SUPER grateful for anything you give!!! Thanks in advance!!!

i cant draw all that well, but i recommend using, you can pick which picrew to use and design away! i suggest Baydews picrew for fantasy characters

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Thanks so much, and it’s no problem at all if you can’t find time to do this! She has light brown skin and dark brown hair that’s super curly and stops in the middle of her back. Her eyes are green with amber flecks, and she has thick dark eyebrows that are usually raised judgmentally. She has a rounded nose and thin mouth, and her chin is slightly pointed at the end. Her wild hair is usually parted down the middle, and she stands at around 5’8. She uses a quarterstaff and has a small knife at her belt, and her outfit is patched together in several spots. You don’t have to use all of the extra info like her outfit and height, just thought an information dump could be useful. And @sheabutter , thanks so much for the recommendation! I’ll try that out too.